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How long can it take to get to 10k?

Asked by KRD (1697points) August 11th, 2021

I want to get to 10k and I want to know how long it can take.

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It used to be possible in just a few months. Now it would probably take a lot longer because the user base is so much smaller than it used to be. There’s a cap on how many points you can be awarded by any one person, so after a while the GAs and GQs you get from the regulars won’t add to your lurve score. And only the first five GAs or GQs on any post even have the potential to count.

I think it’s a brilliant system because of the way it balances things. It keeps lurve from becoming too important.

If you want some data, you could check a lot of profiles of people who have around 10,000 and see how long they’ve been here. But that won’t tell you much, honestly, because some people have low activity, dropping in and out, or just go inactive for long periods of time.

Most of us don’t pay much attention to our scores, though. That’s not what we’re here for. Really about all the score means is a rough indicator of how long you’ve been around.

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I joined in 2013. I think I got to 10k sometime in 2016.

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I’ve been here for 10 years.
The main reason I joined was to harass elderly jellies.

As you can see, this is NOT the way to reach 10K within your lifetime! ;-o

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Participating is key, if you want to reap lurve.
Ask questions (in itself is not going to result in very much), mingle in your own questions with answering Jellies, and, answering questions of other Jellies (will bring you lurve too, that is, if you are entertaining, or helpful to them).

What’s lacking these days, as said before, is a big number of members.
A decade ago there were maybe a couple of hundred.

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Nobody so far has mentioned you also have to give answers and questions that are rated GAs and GQs. It’s not just that everyone gets a participation award.

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Sometimes it’s fun to set goals – but you might find you enjoy fluther more if you don’t worry about numbers.

I really have no idea how my “score” here adds up, and honestly I don’t care.

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Here’s an old party thread from the “Related” sidebar.

There are 75 posts in the thread.

The honoree (who hasn’t been here since 2013) joined on July 2, 2008, and reached 10k on December 18, 2009. That’s less than 5 months.

So this is a snapshot of how long it took for one jelly when things were fresh and lively. Compare that with @Mimishu1995‘s answer, above; and she is definitely one who garners a lot of lurve.

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Give helpful or insightful answers, and the jellies will reward you with lurve.
Or, check in on this site everyday for 10,000 days.

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It’s not really such a big deal. You will be given access to the 10K mansion but following the drop in site visitors this has been downgraded and is now more like an unheated wooden shed.

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Oops, I meant less than six months. Not long, anyway. I remember some making it in three or four when this site was at its busiest.

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I think one of the Zen avatars came close to 10k in less than 3 months, before he transmuted again.

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@Jeruba There’s a cap on how many points you can be awarded by any one person, so after a while the GAs and GQs you get from the regulars won’t add to your lurve score.

So…if I intersperse GAs and GQs to you over a period of days, weeks, months or years, only a certain number of them will count?

And only the first five GAs or GQs on any post even have the potential to count.

And of those that I do give you, only the first five count? Or maybe you mean that even if you receive 12 GAs, only the first five will count?

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I just found a note that showed I reached 10k on 6/14/09. That’s 7 months after my joined date of 11/10/08.

@smudges, I haven’t seen this written down for a long time, but as I recall, it’s basically like this:

There are caps on potential lurve for your posts.

Cap for GAs. For any answer you post, only the first 5 GAs that you receive can increase your lurve score. Each GA is potentially worth 5 points, so the maximum is 25. After that, no matter how many GAs you receive, no more points for that post.

So yes, even if you receive 12 GAs, only the first five will count.

Cap for GQs. For any question you post, only the first 5 GQs that you receive can increase your lurve score. Each GQ is potentially worth 3 points, so the maximum is 15. After that, no matter how many GQs you receive, no more points for that post.

Cap from an individual user. Along with this, there is a cap on how many lurve points you can receive from any given jelly. It is about 100. I interpret this to mean that once jelly J has given you a total of 100 points by way of GAs and GQs (any combination), no more points from J will increase your score. The number is inexact because a combination of 3-point and 5-point scores may not come out to an even 100. Once they equal or exceed 100, though, they’re done.

One thing this means is that if your first 5 GAs on a post all come from jellies who have maxed out on you, you don’t actually see a numerical gain. The longer you’ve been around, the likelier this is to happen. I have seen many days go by when more than 100 points showed up in my lurve feed but my actual increase was zero. When you start to see no change even when you’re receiving lurve, this is what’s happening.

This is why I often wait to GA someone until after they already have 5, so it won’t matter that I’m firing blanks.

A new user’s GA clicks will raise your score because they won’t have maxed out yet. However, new users may have no idea about marking GAs, so they often don’t. You can sometimes see a new user’s Q with a string of good answers and they are all at zero GA until the veteran jellies come along and start marking.

And this, of course, is why it takes much, much longer to go from, say, 20k to 30k than it did to go from 0k to 10k. This was so even when we had a very full set of active participants.

If I have this wrong, I hope a mod will correct me.

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^^ Sounds right to me @Jeruba!

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@Jeruba Thank you so much for taking the time to explain that so well. When I first read what you had written earlier, I was like, “pfffft! Gotta be kidding me!” Now it makes sense.

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@smudges, you’re welcome.

On further thought, I do think I got one part of it wrong. I think there is a separate cap on the GAs and the GQs you can get from any one user. I seem to recall that even when I knew I had maxed out on awarding GAs to someone, I could still give them a GQ that increased their score—up to a point. I don’t know what that point is.

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It depends on how often you visit, how many “Great Answers” you get from and give to others, how many “Great Questions” you ask and give “Great Questions” to, what your attitude is, and how many people come to like you.
I’ve been here for about 12 years. I try to be VERY honest, but that doesn’t always help. Live and lurve!

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Oh, and there is some information in the link “What the…?” next to the heading of the Lurve column.

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2davidc8 joined in January, 2008. His 10K party was a week ago.
That is pretty unusual.

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