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What to do on your first encounter with a new man?

Asked by ciripet (108points) September 12th, 2008

on my first date with a new man he had to tell me he is taking the little blue pill

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Ask why he chose the blue one rather than the red one and start looking around for escape routes?

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@wild i did wonder about this too, the other pill last longer

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Please keep the following in mind, always:

One pill makes you larger,
And one pill makes you small,
And the ones that mother gives you,
Don’t do anything at all,
Go ask Alice,
When she’s ten feet tall…

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I would run for the hills. He doesn’t want a relationship, he wants to fuck.
Damn, I won’t even talk about my insane love of garlic bread for erotic purposes on a first date. How the hell did he work this into a conversation?
I have a penis

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Did that tidbit of information precede a breakfast invitation?

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not at all ,never drank the glass of wine he orderd

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He might have been nervous. He might not be a good small talker. I don’t think this is necessarily a fatal error. Did you like him otherwise? Was he sweet, attentive, funny, good looking, interesting, smart?

I would not make a decision based on that about seeing him again or about having a relationship.

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I’d head for the hills too! I don’t have a penis

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I imagine that it’s difficult to find the perfect time to have the “little blue pill” discussion. Maybe he thinks the earlier it’s out in the open, the better. He’s probably trying to be perfectly honest with you… but is lacking somewhat in his timing.

I agree with Marina. I wouldn’t rule him out completely. I’d prefer to get too much truth as opposed to being lied to.

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Hello Divalicious: I just took a blue pill, what are you doing later?

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Yep, it’s all in the timing…. LOL.

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I would have asked him, to take it and lets see if it works….once completed and over with, and he falls into peaceful slumber….I would take his money and go…

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Valium is blue too. Did he specify? Maybe he has anxiety.

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Yeah, maybe he took one of these

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Ummm… my first thought was actually the blue pill from The Matrix . Not that that might not freak you out any less, necessarily. Seems like you could ask him what he meant.

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I have a little pill that’s a mild anti-depressant. I’m assuming that’s NOT what we’re talking about.

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