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Oh no - she opened the box! Can we congratulate Pandora on 30K?

Asked by janbb (62282points) August 17th, 2021

Let’s celebrate the achievements of this thoughtful and perceptive Jelly!

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Hey, Manassas girl! Thank you for being one of reasons why I enjoy Fluther and stay here year after year.

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Hip hip hurray ! Congratulations @Pandora on a very long, lucrative residence at Fluther! Let’s gather at the pool and start this party!

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Congratulations @Pandora!!! Nicely done.

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Attagirl, @Pandora!

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Gloryoskies! What an accomplishment! Congrats!!!

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Congo Rats @Pandora!!! You rock!

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Congo-rats @Pandora. I put on a Hawaiian shirt to celebrate.

They dropped the drawbridge and are pouring the kool-aide in the moat now!

Well done.

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30Kongratulations @Pandora and welcome to the 30K mansion. Enjoy your party, you have earned it!

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Super Duper !

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Congratulations, Pandora! Awesome awesome awesome August achievement!

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Yayyyy Pandora!! 30K is impressive!

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Congrats, Pandora!

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Way to go!!

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Thanks everyone! ;-D

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30Kongrats to a great jelly with a beautiful avatar!

Also, please disregard the above shape-shifting buffoon. ▲

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Wow! How did I miss this?!

Congrats on the well deserved 30k!!!
I think of you every time I need to play background music for a party. ;-)

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Wow. ROUSes Congo Rats Pandora!

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30K, wow! CONGRATS!!!

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Late like always. Congrats Pandora!

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Late to this party as well. A much-deserved congrats to you on 30k!

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