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How many times do you sneeze?

Asked by Brew805 (150points) September 12th, 2008

2 for me. I know a guy who would go up to 9….

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hmm it all varies, sometimes, 1–2-3.

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Usually two—in quick succession. My friends and I were talking about whether the average person has a usual sneezing pattern/number. I guess with this question, I’m assuming that you do?

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If you have an allergy, you can easily have a sneezing fit – by the fifth sneeze, I find it very uncomfortable.

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I personally enjoy sneezing. I see your point, gailcalled, but sneezing in moderation can be both enjoyable and cathartic.

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@Mike; True; I am talking only about that last sneeze that leaves your eyes tearing and your neighbors at the concert giving you dirty looks. which I don’t like. Or the arrested sneeze…

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yeah i sneeze 5 times every time. people will make fun of me for it sometimes. jokingly of course but I’ve started learning to hold them in cuz it’s so many lol

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Anywhere from 7 to 20 times. Sometimes fewer, but usually between there. Always have.
And afterwards, when I blow my nose, I always look into the Kleenex. I don’t know what I expect to find. Perhaps a gold coin. That would be nice.

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usually 3 times. I hate sneezing fits when pregnant with a full bladder…...lets just say it was embarrassing

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I don’t know…

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Always at least twice, but sometimes up to seven or eight. I simply can’t have a single sneeze. I think I probably average five-ish.

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@AstroChuck : Gold coin… hahaha! Why you get no lurve for that?

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