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IPhone 2.1 battery life?

Asked by fortris (680points) September 12th, 2008

Has anyone noticed a “significant” battery life increase, or is that all just hodgepodge (I love that word!) from apple?

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Magic Eight Ball says: “Ask again later.”

Most All review sites haven’t had time yet to publish test results.

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I’m asking YOU, THE PEOPLE for YOUR opinions.

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I’ve only had the update a few hours, but I’ve been browsing and playing games and it hasn’t drained half the battery, so it seems better for me so far. Way too soon to really tell, though.

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Too soon to tell.

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i sat on my phone reading the ny times on and off all night while working at a bar. my battery seemed much improved as only a quarter juice depleted. was on 3g network, with wifi turned off.

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I don’t know if this is improved (because I never paid it that much attention) but when I play games, the battery doesn’t drain immediately. I will have full juice (with the exception of when you plug it in and there’s that tiny bar missing) after a good 15–30 minutes of gameplay.

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It’s feeling significantly better to me, too. Thank God.

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Yeah, it’s allot better for me too. I’m happy.

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