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Does anybody ever use up a bottle of nail polish all the way to the bottom?

Asked by kneesox (4593points) August 19th, 2021

It seems like they’re designed to prevent using up the contents. I wonder if even in nail salons the bottom x% never gets used up.

Would some kind of change to the standard design help at all?

What’s been your experience or observation?

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Oh hell no! I’ve got some that are 5–6 years old that I’ve never even opened! LOL

But yeah, I don’t think the brush/handle is long enough to use it all up. Doesn’t bother me though. I have to stop myself from buying more because I have scads of it that’s not even close to halfway gone!

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Not that I’ve ever heard of.

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Never. I wish there was some kind of trading group or something. It would be cool to trade old nail polish for new colors.

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Next time I’m in a salon I’m going to ask the manicurist. The cosmetics industry must be aware of this phenomenon. Perhaps we could spark a movement and get a story in People or Newsweek about the first woman (first person) to accomplish the feat. Cover story and everything..

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As the level goes down, it gets thicker until it’s not really useable. Someone needs to research and develop a new delivery system, but it probably won’t be the cosmetic industry.

I did see something new once, it was like a pen, if I remember right, and maybe you twisted the end to make a brush come out with the polish on it??

Something I do sometimes is combine two colors I have that are both lower in the bottle – or maybe just one is. Voila’! New color!

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@smudges I have np thinner and it does work. So drying out isn’t preventing use. I’m getting curious whether it’s practical, psychological,or something else.

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I add a little acetone sometimes to thin it out towards the end, but it’s never as good.

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@JLeslie you have to use actual np thinner and not acetone. Not the same thing. Ingredients listed: Butyl Acetate, Ethyl Acetate, Heptane.

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What you said makes chemical sense to me.

The goal is to thin the NP to restore its applicability, whereas acetone would at least partially dissolve it and thereby alter the NP to an acetone-NP solution.

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@kneesox I might give that a try. Is it in the drug stores? I’ve never noticed.

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@JLeslie I had to get it at a beauty supply store.

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Maybe they just need to make smaller bottles.

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I’ve seen little bitty ones. Be nice if all cosmetic brands made them. ;)

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