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Anyone familiar with TENS unit for spasticity?

Asked by pallen123 (1514points) September 12th, 2008

My mother has been diagnosed with possible MS, but also peripheral neuropathy, and has severe spasticity in both her legs. Can a TENS unit possibly help?

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The TENS would probably make her feel like the neurpathy is worse when she used it. It gives the same time of tingling sensation. Stick around tho, because we have some pretty helpful docs on the site that will know much more than me. I used a TENS for my back, and it was pretty much just a distraction, and not much help.

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I had exactly the same experience as Scamp with TENS for lower back pain. My two friends with MS take a weekly shot that helps (altho there is 24 hours of fatigue following). My friend with peripheral neuropathy lives with it. And he is a sophisticated guy and lawyer with good connections in DC.

I am truly sorry about your mother’s multiple miseries.

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