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For the sake of the children.

Asked by BronxLens (1539points) September 12th, 2008

The senior supervisor in a pediatrics health center (725 patients) is leaving. Things are not running as efficiently as they could. What is a good source (web/print/other) of ideas for improving it? Suggestions of your own? There were some personnel cuts recently and hiring is on hold. Who should be the least amount of people involved in this initiative? I am posting this on behalf of the office’s admin. assistant as she is the one seeking change / improvement (And yeah, I am trying to convince her of getting her own Fluther account – be patient.)

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I’d say at least one member of each type of staff (Docs, nurses, admin and others as appropriate) should be on the “improvement committee”. I’d probably also give patients/parents a survey with specific questions about satisfaction with your services, with a space at the end for their own suggestions as to how you can improve.

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You need an intervention and a change. There are changes happening, but it doesn’t sound like they’re being managed very well and as a result, the employees are not enthusiastic or supportive of the change and this is affecting patient care.

You will need a project group, with participants from all groups/departments affected and with the strong backing of management. This is a top-down change and needs to be managed as such.

Information: Map out the changes that are happening and communicate them clearly.
Opportunities: Highlight the opportunities these changes will present
Engagement: For the change to be a success, management needs to involve staff in the managing of the change, allowing them to influence, take part and identify with the new structure.
Vision, mission and values: Need to be made clear, communicated and ‘sold’ throughout the organization.

Some useful resources if you’re looking to put together a project proposal:
Ken Blanchard (author of “Gung Ho”, “Raving Fans” and “One Minute Manager” – all good motivational books)
John Kotter (author of “Leading Change” and recognised authority on change management)
Free Management Library (some very useful references)
CIPD (check out their fact sheets and references)

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Clearly identify goals with written milestones and deadlines.

Also, how are your written policies and procedures? Do they need improvement?

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