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Can a life insurance company deny payment to someone who has chosen NOT to get the Covid vaccination?

Asked by elbanditoroso (33282points) August 27th, 2021

Many life insurance policies have suicide clauses, that prevent payment if a person commits suicide within 2–3 years of signing for the policy.

Since vaccination deniers are, in essence, choosing to die rather than preventing or mitigating the virus, they’re making a deliberate choice for suicide.

Can life insurance companies decide to NOT pay benefits for a person who refused to vaccinate?

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Suicide is defined by intent. If you kill yourself by accident (reckless driving, extreme sports, accidental overdose, etc.), life insurance would likely pay out to your beneficiaries.

If there is evidence you killed yourself on purpose (close range gunshot wound, hanging, leaving a note, etc.), insurance probably would not pay out under a suicide clause.

Anti-Vaxers are not intending to kill themselves. It is reckless behavior that may result in death, but that is not their intended outcome — so, no.

(All this courtesy of my law school graduate wife)

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@cookieman thank Ms @cookieman for the answer. That said, it’s a shame.

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She prefers Madame CookieWoman

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If you get your health insurance through your employer, you could be charged more for being unvaccinated.

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(Madame) Cookie is right.

But this issue has come up numerous time elswhere – icluding a reverse spin claiming that people have been denied life insurance payouts because they took “experimental” covid vaccines :

In a March 12 press release the American Council of Life Insurers responded saying, “The fact is that life insurers do not consider whether or not a policyholder has received a COVID vaccine when deciding whether to pay a claim. Life insurance policy contracts are very clear on how policies work, and what cause, if any, might lead to the denial of a benefit. A vaccine for COVID-19 is not one of them.”

The politics of hysteria…

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Yes. Insurance it just a scam for the most part…

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The insurance company would not have a leg to stand.unless refusing to have a vaccination which was offered and/or the policy stipulated that refusal to have the Covid vaccine would nullify the policy if the insured person contracted Covid but refused the vaccine prior to catching the virus.

The fact that someone refuses to have the vaccine and subsequently catches the virus and dies cannot be assumed that they committed suicide,

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I don’t think they could legally deny payment (as has already been discussed).

Though I wonder if there’s ground for charging a higher premium?

Could Madame Cookiewoman weigh in on this?

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I don’t think life insurance can deny payment on existing policies. New policies maybe they will be considering COVID risk.

Health insurance companies are already considering or enacting higher premiums for unvaccinated as @ragingloli’s link stated. Delta airlines has done a lot of interviews recently on TV about it. My husband’s company is looking into it, but they can only charge $25 more, because of the constraints of their plan.

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Just clicking through now! Sometimes I don’t always read all of the links before commenting.

– slacker jelly

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You’re lazy & sweet, just like your car candy.

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I thought you were going to say questionable and full of lint.

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Simple answer: Yes.

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