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Are you going to be impacted by Hurricane Ida?

Asked by LuckyGuy (40060points) 1 month ago

It looks like things can turn very ugly for the folks in the New Orleans, Mississippi Delta area. Do any folks from here live in that region?
Are you prepared and safe?

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I’m not affected. It will eventually affect my husband in Nashville, but by then it’s just a bad messy long lasting rain storm with wind.

I do know a few people along the coast there. One in AL, one in NOLA. Plus, quite a few friends who own condos on the beach in AL, but they aren’t there now. Maybe AL will get some wind and rain.

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Later in the week we’ll probably get a bunch of rain as the remnants come through.

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Remnants and refugees will be here

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Hurricane 4! Keep in mind since the storm is moving NW the people within 20 miles NE and SW of the eye are basically in the eye wall the entire time the eye is passing through while the people smack in the eye get the relief of being in the eye. The people in the constant wall get no break for hours in the most intense winds.

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Here’s a live stream of Hurricane Ida in Louisiana
It is interesting to watch even if only hear their accents.

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I love the LA accent. I just posted that on Facebook an hour ago.

That live stream link is how it is in FL during hurricanes also. People lose power (or even if you still have power) and we listen to talk radio and live feed on battery radios. People calling in, people wanting information, sometimes people terrified as their home is getting battered. I remember one time a couple was trapped in their car caught in it wanting help, but no one can help. Amazing they had phone service. I don’t know what happened to them.

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We might get some rain out of it, depending on how far to the west the remnants spread in the Gulf.

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NY and NJ are getting major flooding. I’m seeing on the news, Yonkers, Mamaroneck, Tuckahoe, Newark airport, SUNY Purchase, all over, cars are almost submerged, Newark airport terminal flooded, people on the highways are on the roofs of their cars because the waters are rising. It’s nuts.

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We got slammed overnight. Lots of flooding, tornado watches, loss of power.
We lost power for a couple of hours, and I’m afraid to go into my basement…

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Video of NewYork City, suburbs of NY, and parts of New Jersey were unbelievable last night!

The subway was flooding, the subway was shut down, streets like rivers. People unable to get home.

People might not know that NYC pumps water out of the underground daily, so a sudden deluge of rain is just too much. Moreover, Manhattan and Staten Island are small islands, and Brooklyn and Queens are on an island. Some people slept overnight in the subway system where it wasn’t flooded, but waiting for it to start up again.

NYC lost some power too.

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