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How can I cool off my Macbook Pro?

Asked by alabare (282points) August 4th, 2007

I have a 15in Macbook Pro that I mainly use while sitting in my recliner. This machine can get so insanely hot, it burns the skin beneath my clothes. I've purchased a few lap cooler things, but they can be uncomfortable as well.

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is it a core duo or a core 2 duo?

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2 GHz Intel Core Duo

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You need SMC Fan Control. It's a program which lets you control your MVP fan. It will keep you cool. Google 'macbook pro cool' for more ideas.

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get a piece of slate to pit on your lap while in the recliner it will disapate the heat and stop it from heating you up. You can get it at anyplace that sells flooring tile

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also, watch your gonads =)

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Yes, first priority, keep gonads cool....

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google smcfancontrol...

then set the base fan speed to 1700-1800 and your MacBook pro will pretty much always be cool... :)

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Don't have this problem so much on my 15" C2D; however, my previous 17" MBP had the same issue; recently purchased the See Thru Hard Case and it seems to insulate my lap a bit from the heat:

Anyone else use or heard of this product?

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air circulation is key. The fan utility won't do much good if the MBP is on your lap with your boxers blocking the vents. The slate idea is good. There are also some good lightweight laptop stands I like because I find the angle at which they prop the mbp is more comfortable and the one I have allows me the swivel it around easily.

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