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Any Flutherers weathering out Ike in South Texas now?

Asked by steelmarket (3598points) September 12th, 2008
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I am, I’m in Fort Bend County,that’s not too south tho. We just lost power 25 mins ago. Man the wind is bad. And now my house is hot…. Ew. how about you? I wish it was over already, it’s scary.

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Fortunately, I am just watching it on TV from DFW. Got family in S. Houston who are gutting it out in their house.

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I’m in New Braunfels (between San Antonio and Austin), so we are outside of the worst of it. My aunt and uncle are in Beaumont, and they decided to stay and ride it out. They have a “hurricane resistant” house, so hopefully they do well. Also have friends in Houston.

You all hear that they think 750,000 will have lost power by the time this gets done? And it may be up to three weeks before it’s restored. Good luck to anyone out that way!

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The news in SA just reported that dozens of calls are coming in to 911 in Galveston of people begging for help. This could be very tragic come morning.

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True story: As reported years ago on Paul Harvey News, there was a couple photographed, walking along the beach at Galveston, shortly after Hurricane Alicia had passed, with the man wearing a T-Shirt that read, “I SURVIVED ALICIA.”

The girl was also wearing a T-shirt, and the message on hers read, “ALICIA”

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It is morning after it hit and they estimate 90000 did not leave and that over 3 million hoouses have no power. Some boarwalk is totally destroyed.

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We are in southwest Louisiana and getting a fair amount of wind. Our southern parishes are flooding terribly.

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I am off work for this one! Yep me and Mzgator gonna enjoy the time together. We have power so we are gonna cook some boudin today.

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Yup. La_chica_gomela and I weathered the storm here in Houston. We are both okay, but our houses are without electricity or internet. While the city straightens things out, we are offline most of the time. I’m using a University connection right now.

Trees fell on houses in our neighborhood, including crashing through the window of a neighboring unit at the four-plex I live in. Another tree had fallen against a house across the street from La_chica_gomela’s house. It seemed to be resting there, but last night it slid off and into the driveway of a house next door. No one was hurt.

Thanks for your concern.

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Glad you made it through the storm

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