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What do you need to rant about?

Asked by SergeantQueen (11667points) 3 weeks ago

As asked.

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HAHAha I’ll go first.

So I was with this dude for like 5 months, known him for 3+ years. He is a few years older, still lives at home and basically does nothing but play video games all day.

I met him, things were awesome in the start. I did everything I could to support him, sat with him and showed him college stuff, invited him to dinner with sister and her husband so he could meet them but also because her husband has career info he can share. I went to a lot of places that where new to him because I wanted him to get out more and explore new things. I supported him when he was having a tough time with some online thing. I tried to help him best I could.

Almost 2 weeks ago now he just left me. Like said he was done and hasn’t spoken to me since. Won’t give me a chance to say my side after he said all this shit about me wanting to change myself for him which wasn’t true at all. I spoke with his friend and he even told his friend he wasn’t going to talk to me.

I am at a loss by how I could be treated with such disrespect by someone i put so much effort into caring for. I love him so fucking much and he’s gone.

Clearly shows me the last 5 months didn’t mean anything, nothing I did for him meant anything. You don’t just give up on someone like that for no fucking reason, and it was over NOTHING. I am so pissed off it’s not even funny. How could someone do that?

I am never going to trust anybody again. I can’t. Never turns out right for me. ever. I’m done. I’m done

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Cable companies, cell phone companies, and banks. It’s all the same rant, tired of being treated like shit, and gouged, especially when I have been a customer for many years.

Also, medical care being treated like I don’t know my body or not believed. Tired of the condescension. Especially when I turn out to be right acknowledge it for God’s sake.

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Amazon Delivery. I have Prime and in my profile, I put a description of where exactly my house is located (it’s in this complex _________, on the corner of this _________ and this _______), the color of the house, and the GPS coordinates. I figured they can’t fuck that up. I live on a lake, and in my area there are a lot of lakes, so every lake has a street name similar to mine, related to being on the lake. Hence my feeling a need to clarify, so it’s totally clear.

Yesterday I get an email that Amazon delivered my package. They put a photo of the package on someone’s deck. Not my deck. Not my house color. Not a house color of any of my neighbors. Someone else has my package and I am guessing they’re keeping it. I’m guessing that maybe it’s been delivered to same street name, different town, but I’m just guessing. I had to call Amazon and of course they’re sending me a new item, and of course they’re very sorry, but still, how could the delivery person screw that up?

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OK, I’m going to hell for this, but this is a rant thread right?

Everything around me is going to the gutter. People trample on each other for some stupid pride. And when they get challenged, they turn to personal attack and doxxing. No one bothers to check their sources anymore. It would be a miracle if someone actually read more than just the title. Even the freaking media, YES THE FREAKING MEDIA, is condoning this horrendous pride and misinformation. I’ve seen so many questionable things these days I don’t know what to believe anymore.

What is happening to the world?

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I’m pretty sure when they make a movie of my life, they won’t let me play myself.

I just can’t get into character.

Or remember my lines.

And I want too many nude scenes.

Then there are my issues with the extras. Why are they all getting paid more than me?

Not to mention they expect me to die at the end.


So I’m difficult to work with – The whole fucking story was my idea.

Actually I stole it from Steven King. But he’s dead.

What do you mean he’s still alive?!

Maybe I’ll just write a book instead. My autoboobography.

But nobody reads books anymore. They’re all on the interwebs wasting time. Bitching at the government and cyber-boning each other.

I just don’t have time. I’ve got to finish this absinthe by morning.

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Where’s the fucking question mark on my fucking keybored?!

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Some stuff sucks.

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Stupid Americans. And worse, the non-stupid Americans pretending to be stupid and merely deploying stupidity to manipulate the actually stupid Americans.

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Fucking hate the rain.

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@SergeantQueen Your boy friend is a loser and likes being a loser. You pose a threat to his loser lifestyle. He doesn’t want to be with you so why do you want to be with someone who doesn’t want to be with you? Find someone who appreciates you and likes being with you. Good health!

As for me. Why don’t people know how to make left hand turns at signals. When the light turns green many drivers just sit behind the crosswalk waiting for the traffic to clear until on coming traffic clears and when the light turns red they just sit there through another light sequence. During the green/yellow lights you are supposed start a slow roll out into the intersection waiting for a gap in the oncoming traffic or when the light turns to red (and oncoming traffic has stopped) and then make your left turn.

Also FYI: when making a right hand turn when the signal is red, you must first make a full and complete stop before making your right turn (even when there’s no on coming traffic).

I think that I’m the only car driver on this planet that actually stops at stop signs (even when there’s no other cars around). Most people blow through them.

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Joe Rogan is so overrated. He’s like a dumb guy’s idea of a smart guy. I wouldn’t care what he says if it weren’t for the fact that so many people worship his every word, so when he uses it to spread misinformation about COVID, it’s just doubly irresponsible. I feel like there may have been a time when he was more worthy of his popularity, but now he just seems like any other “I’m not a right-winger because I smoke weed” conspiracy theorist and I find people who love him to be basic af. Lol. There’s a word of better podcasts out there. Expand your horizons beyond Joe “Oprah for Men” Rogan.

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Damn. Now I’m depressed. Think I’ll go cross the highway against the lite.

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@gondwanalon: And when making a right turn at a light, if, by chance, there’s a red right hand arrow, that means don’t turn right. Stop and wait for the green.

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I don’t feel good. Haven’t felt good for 2 years. I’m sick but can’t get checked out because I have no insurance for the specialists my doc keeps referring me to.

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@Mimishu Same here, at least you’re not alone in that situation.

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@KNOWITALL Thank you. I appreciate that someone understands where I’m coming from.


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@Mimishu1995 Hugs back, squeeze~!

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@Mimishu1995 I was using {{ }}‘s to encase my hugs, but using (( ))‘s makes more sense to me, because they’re easier easier to find.

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@Dutchess_III: Did you start by getting the free mammogram appointment? Remember i sent ou the link?

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The Favorites folder! Can find it, but moving items around is just as tedious as the ole drag ‘n’ drop. I’ve got 35–40 bookmarks that I’d like to organize without having to drag and drop each one – and half the time I miss the folder I’m trying to put it in.

And while I’m at it, the fingernail on my ring finger on my right hand is so long that I keep hitting the 9. I know I know…easy fix. So why don’t I?? This has been going on for a few weeks!

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Companies and stores that don’t update their websites and FB pages. The other day, we were with friends and looking to go out for ice cream. The FB page said the place was open till 9:30. We arrived at 9 and it was closed. Why not update the FB page? Today, I needed the number for the maintenance garage where I live. I looked at their website. No maintenance number, only the office number and the office lady is off for vacation. I looked at their FB page, where the office lady made a post about being away for vacation, and if you need something, call maintenance. No maintenance number. Why not just update the site and the FB pages with hours and phone numbers?

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Found out that one of my kids’ teachers takes off their mask to read aloud to the classroom.

And tells the kids “Don’t rat me out. Don’t be a tattle tale.”

I’m just tired. I don’t want to have a contentious relationship with this teacher. Could adults just be responsible?

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@raum We had that happen here and the front two rows of kids all tested positive. The teacher came to school symptomatic and still took the mask off for reading. Crazy.

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That sounds like the case in Marin County. Which is what prompted us to have a discussion with our kids about speaking up for themselves—even if it’s an adult. And how we found out about the teacher. :/

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OMG. I can’t believe a teacher would ask the kids to keep a secret.
I can understand taking off her mask to read tho. The mask muffles the words and hides facial expressions. As long as the kids are 6 feet away I wouldn’t have a problem with it.
I DO have a problem with the of secrets. I’d take that to the principal.

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I had a day shopping for groceries and a medical appointment with no anxiety. I solved the problem with taxi’s taking off before I struggle to get my seat belt on. I leave the door open until my seat belt is donned….

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