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Similar to surfers chasing the biggest waves to surf on, has anyone ever attempted paragliding in a hurricane or tornado?

Asked by ragingloli (51410points) September 6th, 2021

Surely someone must be daft enough to try that?

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I don’t think anyone would want to get impaled in a tree.

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It’s been done, sort of – But mostly by accident :

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Kitesurfers are known to take high risks (as they love hard winds).
Sometimes with spectacular results, sometimes resulting in terrible accidents.

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Although people have been seen, and sometimes arrested for surfing during a hurricane, I’m unaware of anyone attempting to paraglide in one. The winds alone would destroy the equipment high above ground. There have been some milder events which have maimed, killed, or scared the bejeezus out of gliders.

Germany disaster

Tornadoes don’t spin in a neat spiral. The wind in a nado spins upward and downward simultaneously. Only Pecos Bill would ever consider riding one.

Dust devil’s are not a storm system like a tornado. They spin, but they are weak, short lived, and simply pop up when a warm breeze suddenly shifts direction. During my childhood, my brother and I thought it was brave to hop into them. There was no adventure in the activity. All we accomplished was getting gritty dirt in our eyes. However, this one caused excitement for a group one day.

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No to the paragliding. But I do enjoy the surfing as a hurricane moves by.

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