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Would the real jelly please stand up?

Asked by raum (9802points) 1 month ago from iPhone

If someone hacked your Fluther account, how would you prove that you’re actually the real you?

I would probably edit my comments 10x before my editing window closes.

What about you?

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I would be able to tell you if I’m top, bottom, or vers and give proof.

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Now I just want to know the answer just to know the answer. :P

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I have people who know me outside of Fluther. They can attest for me.

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@Mimishu1995 Too logical of an answer. All jellies who can vouch for you have been abducted by aliens.

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What proof do you have that this hasn’t happened already?

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If I am not sassy in a comment that should be a sure bet

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I know what you mean – So many people want to be me.

But I’m the only one. And you can tell, because even after everything I’ve done I’m still a fucking angel.

Then of course there’s the barcode tatoo…

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I would revitalise my other account and let y’all know that what @rebbel is asking and answering is not what @rebbel would ask and answer (assuming that the hacker hasn’t the same views and opinions as I).

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You can’t any more than Jesus Christ could if he came back and told you he was the real one.

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Some jellies here know details no hacker would know from only social media.
And more than that, they know my complex feelings on issues that I never post about on my socials.
They could ask details about former jellies, too, which a hacker or new user wouldn’t know.

If this is meant to be humorous, a hacker would probably be much nicer and actually ask questions.

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The real me would know exactly where I have that tattoo of Pinocchio.

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@janbb has had close contact with my wife, and could easily identify me.

Also, back when @cak was going through cancer, several members made a video of support for her. I don’t know if anyone has that video now, but it would clearly show me with my avatar.

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@filmfann Kinky @janbb! ;)

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As one can see, I’m the OP and nobody else uses my emoticons. :/ :P

BTW, I changed my user name to something less creative. :P

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If I’m hacked will anyone notice? :P

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“Cookie Man” is actually a legacy title that has been handed down for generations. I am not the first nor will I be the last Cookie Man — but I am the tastiest.

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@cookieman OK, so to ensure you are the real Cookie Man, I will take a bite on you. If you are not tasty then you are the hacker.

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@cookieman are you a chocolate chip cookie? Or what? what makes you so tasty??

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@Mimishu1995: Yes, perfect. A very good test. You are welcome to a nibble anytime.

@SergeantQueen: I am Chocolate Chip, but past Cookie Men have been a variety of flavors. They’ve all been great — well…except for Pecan Sandy, whom nobody understood. And, while the chips are key, the flavor really comes from the butter.

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If I start celebrating biden shudder that would be a major clue.

Actually, apparently someone contacted stanley claiming to be me. I declared he should not give me any money, or personal info.

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@Patty_Melt I have been wondering where Stan is these days…

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@stanleybmanly – Oh stanley… (sigh)

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@stanleybmanly has left the building . . . forever.

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@Tropical Forever? Wow, coulda said goodbye. (Pouts)

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I disagree with his politics, but I never wanted him gone.
Please say he is okay.

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Maybe he was Biden…...

That’s a bummer, that he quit.
I admired his way of writing, with all those ‘difficult’ words.
I sure broadened, and deepened, my English vocabulary, through him.

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Yup. He is misguided, but eloquently so.
We haunted chat together a few times. That was fun.

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