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What genre of video games do Japanese women gamers love to play?

Asked by Nick88 (61points) 1 month ago

I’m just curious as to what kind of video games women gamers in Japan love to play both in the video arcade game centers and on home consoles, favorite game titles, and why? Me and my sister used to play the arcade version of Virtual On Cyber Troopers and we had a lot of fun with it.

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Having worked in the field of gaming and computer games, one of the main things that continues to stand out to me about tastes in gaming, is that they vary greatly from person to person, not only in the same demographic group (such as Japanese women) but even amongst fans of the same game (they’ll all like a different combination of aspects of it, and the other games they like will differ, at least somewhat).

So, there is no real answer to “what kind of video games do Japanese women love to play?”

And, while there are actual statistics on what sorts of people bought or say they play what games and so on, that tends to be trade secret or at least costly information to get the “real” versions of. But some of it gets published, and I expect there would be an answer if you searched the web for articles enough.

It’s easy enough to find articles about what games are popular and best-sellers in Japan. Such as this:

But combining in other search terms and drilling down might be trickier, since you’ll tend to get a lot of noise articles about women and games in other subjects, and/or not really about Japan, etc.

Of course, if you’re interested in an actual specific Japanese woman’s tastes in games, the thing to do would be to ask her that directly.

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Dating sims.

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