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Have you ever dated a Japanese woman?

Asked by Nick88 (61points) 2 weeks ago

Would dating women from Japan be any different for American or other Western-born men than dating those from the west?

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Yes. It would be different.

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No I have not. Yes, it would be different, at least in some ways. Japanese culture is relatively unique in some ways.

Of course, dating most individual people also tends to be pretty different from other people, at least if you pay enough attention.

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Cant really say. In HS I dated a half Japanese girl, her mom was Japanese, dad was American. So she was pretty much Americanized anyway. We were pretty tight, never had any issues. Until she decided she hated all my buds (story of my life) and gave me an ultimatum that I had to stop running with them. So it was sayonara. Too bad so sad.

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First see if they’re available on Amazon.

Then check the ratings.

Happy shopping!

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No, but I would like to. It would be hard to get used to her walking some distance behind me…

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“She’s small and she’s quick!”

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My first girlfriend was Japanese.
She was very alluring, but not really different in any way attributable to her being Japanese.

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OP…are talking about a women born in Japan and raised in the Japanese culture, or are you simply talking about a girl, or woman, that simply has Japanese ethnicity?

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What is this “dating” you speak of?

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@Kropotkin It is an almost guaranteed, absolute certainty, that your days of carousing with your buds, shooting pool for money, and drinking beer, and sometimes fighting, are finis. As the French would say. But I’m pretty sure you already know that. : )

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@Nomore_lockout Just you wait. I’m going to relive my 20s yet.

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No. But I find them really attractive

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