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“They” say it’s working. QED.

At least, that seems to be the argument used by many of my friends whenever this topic comes up.

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Interestingly, Bob Woodward has a new book out. He says the success of the surge was because of a new (he hinted technology-based) military advance that he compares to the tank and radar as far its impact on warfare.

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Evidence on the ground in Iraq suggests (see links above) that the surge is like a lid on a pressure cooker, the surge has tightened the lid, but not addressed issues creating pressure inside.

Once the lid is loosened, we return to a previous point—except that ethnic cleansing has already occured and neighborhoods have been ethnically cleansed.

The surge just guarentees the need for US troops indefinately. I saw the Woodward interview, and thought it strange to suggest some magic technology that I can’t tell you about—good strategy to sell books.

Folks that say “the surge is working” are those who would govern by slogans rather than policies.

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If you ever find any way of fostering discussion and reasoning with such people, let me know.

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The time for trying to reason is over. THE TIME TO MAKE REPUBLICANS EAT KITTY LITTER IS NOW!!!!

Dirty, used, Milo-Kitty Litter, with lumps in it…..

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