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What are some sensual ways/places to touch a woman?

Asked by qualitycontrol (2570points) September 13th, 2008

Sensual, not sexual. Those of you following my life will know why I’m asking this lol. Thanks in advance -QC

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ears… especially while kissing. just caress the top of them

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the clitoris is usually a winner…

backs of knees, kneee caps, feet, inside of upper legs, back, shoulders NECK NECK NECK, cheeks, ears, lips, under the breast too don’t forget that… the list goes on.

USe you hands and you’ll find out. go ALL over!

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Since many of us are not following your life, we will be guessing. Why not ask her? All spots are not created equal, altho some of them are more equal than others.

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not sexual, ie not the the clitoris!

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I repeat, “Why not ask her”? The line between sensual and sexual is blurry and varies from woman to woman. I would not like my lover to be taking advice about me from a group of mostly strangers

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What the last woman may have liked, the next woman may not like. Just like one man in my life at one time may have tickled my fancy, the next one may not.

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The neck is full of nerve endings, so try the neck. I second the inner thigh (or the thigh in general), also try her sides, stomach, and hips.

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@gail: you don’t know her and she doesn’t know you and for that matter i don’t know you and you don’t know me. We’re all strangers here but we come together because obviously it’s easier for us talk to people online or maybe we don’t have the time to simply sit and chat with people. I’m too embarrassed to ask people I know about things like this so I would appreciate it if you don’t criticize my efforts in trying to do something for my lady. And I can’t just ask her that’s like winning the game without making a touchdown.

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This is one of those things that are best learned through a voyage of discovery. Go for it Columbus.

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I’ve already reached North America, but what I’m more interested in is the Panama Canal.

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@qualitycontrol, this should help you somewhat…in the meantime just try it and if she doesn’t like it, she herself, or her body will tell you if it is liked or disliked.

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@QC: Do you consider your relationship with your lady a game? I still don’t understand why you and she can’t work on intimacy together. That is what lovers do, unless the world has changed..And these were your words…“Those of you following my life will know why I’m asking this lol.” So clearly some people here do know you. My words were advice and not criticism.

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@gailcalied: +1

And has said before, every woman has different places where she can be more reactive, of course, some of them are “classical”, but that’s your “duty” being her boy to please her, so I think you should spend more time with her than on Fluther.

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Your girlfriend said “her last boyfriend used her for sex and then dumped her which is why she says she wants to wait.”

I want to point out that if this is an effort to push her past the boiling point into compliance I vote against it. You are trying to work on advancing the physical aspect of the relationship.

If you work on advancing your communication and emotional aspects, the rest will come.

If that isn’t the point then what Gailcalled said.

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@gail: no I los certainly do not consider it a game. I have no one to ask this sort of thing, truly. I just need some help is all. I don’t want to ask her directly because I want her to know I know what i’m doing. There will be no surprise for and I want her to feel special. I only said “those of you following my life…” because I ask alot about my girlfriend here because she’s everything to me and people make comments about other posts I’ve made.

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Your wallet.

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@qualitycontrol: You know, doing “mistakes” with your girlfriend is something usual, I mean, come on ! You can’t do the best things, on a lot of ways to her, I mean the communication, sex, and so on. Love is before all a question of respect and of confidence. Like my girl said, “we are human beings, we aren’t perfect”, so don’t expect to control everything and know all of a sudden, just learn and be aware that things come with time, and that also an important part of the relationship? Remember your first awkward kiss, and just try to imagine it if it was a perfect kiss, can you ?

Really, let things happen by themselves, learn, communicate, if she loves you, she will really understand, she is like you too, human, and improving your relationship is something that take time.

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@Bri: I know she wants to wait which is why I’m not going to push her into anything. However we are very affectionate with each other and I want to make her feel loved and feel good without having sex, which is the reason for this question. (That Panama Canal thing was just a stupid joke to come back at what galileogirl said because it sounded sarcastic). You know from our other discussions I’m not trying to “push her past boiling point into compliance”. I’m not asking with this question “How can I make her so horny she’ll rip her clothes off!”. No, I want to know how to touch a lady like a lady ;) Because I love my Baby!

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@wilhel::: HILARIOUS!!!!

now @ QC: believe it or not, SHE will tell you, in her own way without coming right out and saying it>pay close attention to her and you will know if she is ticklish, squeamish, etc. just by being with her….if you touch her back and she jumps, because it tickles, then there is a spot to avoid…if she tells you she loves when you touch her ______ (whatever, neck, foot, forearm etc.) AGAIN, make a mental note and remember.

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Sorry, but I’m not going to give you tips on how to sexually harrass a co-worker.

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@ qualitycontrol – Cool, Sorry, I was just checking.

I stand by my communicate comment, you have to talk to her. All women are different. Even if someone says ear, some women like gentle blowing, some like lobe biting others don’t want you to go near them.

Maybe bring up something you like first. You know “I like it when you slap me across the back with a chocolate covered Scooby Doo Doll, are there things you like?”

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As far as places are concerned, I’d recommend these:


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lol that’s the end of this question

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Heheh You the man!!!

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That Jack!! Gotta love him, ha ha!!

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Lurve all over the place for gail, Bri, and Jack. I couldn’t have said it better so I won’t. Cheers!

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I’ll tell you what’s more fun than asking your girlfriend, and what’s WAY more fun than asking Fluther. Get her in bed, make out a little, and explore her body in a caressing manner with your fingers and hands. Start light, try different types of touches, in both pressure and parts of your hand (backs, fingertips, etc.). Touch her everywhere and pay attention to her breathing, vocalizations, and body language. Make a mental note of the areas that get the most reaction from her. Come back for seconds and thirds. Then, for added fun, use your lips and tongue to stimulate those “hot spot” areas.

All women are different and all like different things, but in general, as other people have indicated, the neck and earlobes are particularly sensitive. Really, when I’m turned on, my partner’s touch feels good just about anywhere.

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back of the neck. ‘nuf said. steam over.

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correction: “stream” over (or thread) actually. i was getting excited just writing it. ok, “thread” over.

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Not just the back.. definitely the sides, down to the shoulders. :)

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i’d go for the wrist ;)

Update: at least that is what i am thinking of doing right now hehe

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Yeah, the inside wrist and the palm of the hand are also pretty sensitive places. :)

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Call I.N.S., that should stimulate some action.

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