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Why did Thelma and Louise choose to drive to the cliff of the canyon instead of surrendering themselves to the police?

Asked by luigirovatti (2297points) 1 week ago

You know, in the movie of 1991.

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I suppose that they chose to die in a daring way and to avoid prison as they were in rehab in the past and didn’t want that scenario again?
This is a 30 year old movie by now many had talked about it or saw it.

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It was a big “fuck you” to every man that had tried to control them, and to every part of the system built to enslave them. Their tear was the primal scream of desperate people with no options, and rather than let the whole thing swallow them back up forever in the end, they told the whole world to eat a bag of dicks.

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It’s more dramatic than the prospect of spending deacdes in prison.

What it did, also was ensure that there would not be or could not be a sequel.

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