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A supporter of the globe, and (a supporter) of the flat earth theory, go on a walk together...

Asked by rebbel (33054points) 1 week ago

….around the globe/across the plane.
They go West, from a certain spot in Europe, and they’ll remain moving that direction until they come back to that exact point (whatever means of transportation they need to use when they can’t walk will also keep going West).

Who is going to be red-faced when they’ve arrive back at the start/finish line?

(Red-faced, not because of exhaustion, but of embarrassment).

Or, “Will this walk be a sufficient way to convince the other party of their being wrong”?

Will the ‘loser’ (whoever that may be) be now convinced that they’ve been wrong?

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No farting this time?

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Seems like he made a vocab error first time around.

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He was trying to be witty in the other question, but the flatulence flew over some people’s head.
In this one he’s dead serious though.

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@rebbel – Serious?!

That’s kind of a stretch for me but I’ll try.

In a (imaginary) world where people are sane, debates focus on facts, and rational proof is accepted, the FlatEarth theorist looses. Provided they agree to take regular star sightings of major constellations and record their observations as they travel. OR, just buy plane tickets and observe the earth’s curvature when the flight reaches 36,000 ft.

But reason, facts, and sanity are drifting away from our world like clouds of fart gas on a windy day. So the fact is the FlatEarth guy will stick to his absurd theory anyway, like a fly on shit.

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Neither will.
The trip will naturally prove the sphericity of Terra, but the flat earther will, of course, ignore the result, and will concoct a hanebüchen excuse of why this does not prove anything.

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The trip doesn’t prove either point of view. Think about standing near the North Pole and following a course due west until you reach your starting position. That’s a “relatively” flat plane and you’ll travel in a circular path.

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If a ‘Flat Earther and a person who knows the Earth is not flat but an oblate spheroid started to travel a straight line south, east, west or north and used cars, trains, buses and boats eventually they would either come to the edge and be confronted with a sheer drop off of the Earth, which would prove the Earth is indeed flat or they would both eventually arrive right back at the point they started, which would prove the Earth is an oblate spheroid.

In my opinion this would be a pointless exercise because 99.99% of the human race KNOW the Earth is NOT flat and obviously the Flat Earth Society must know this because on 3 occasions I have asked them to provide some coordinates of where the edges of the flat Earth are but they obviously cannot provide these coordinates and so they simply have not replied.

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