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What's your opinion of German chancellor Angela Merkel?

Asked by Jeruba (55927points) September 12th, 2021

And do you have any thoughts on her possible successor when she steps down in a few weeks?

Here’s a piece in Der Spiegel (in English) on her 16-year legacy of leadership.

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I only know what I read.

Two impressions:

1) she stayed too long. The last several years were her worst. The should have let the scene about 5 years ago.

2) she had great success economically in Germany. (Was that her, or her part, or her ministers? I don’t know). But Germany’s economic success came at the cost of breaking up Europe. Was that a wise strategic move? History will tell.

I give her all the credit in the world for having come from East Germany and being an effective leader for most of her time there, In that respect, more power for her.

But she stayed too long.

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Having read the first answer and given the fact that I never lived in Germany, I personally wouldn’t know anything about Chancellor Angela Merkel. However, I’m tempted to agree with the first answer stated above. It was given great detail.

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She has done a great job considering that Germany has maintained a steady keel economically despite the difficulties of cranky EU participants.

She dealt with the near collapse of the Italian economy.

She dealt with the Greek inability to manage themselves economically.

She dealt with the Brits being spoiled children that took their ball home and refused to be grown ups by leaving the EU.

She withstood Donald Trump trying to get a cheap feel by massaging her shoulders while she had a grown up conversation.

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