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Evolution Points in Spore Origins?

Asked by bmhit1991 (246points) September 13th, 2008

Does anyone know how to gain them? I’m playing the iPhone version, and can’t figure out why I’m not getting very many at all….

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You get 1 for in every 5 level interval but not necessarily on the same level every time.

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Sorry, don’t know anything about the iPhone version. =(

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do you know how to do it in any version of origins?

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Sorry, my source has lost interest in answering questions. (Football is on.)

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hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!! that’s really great! =D

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Evolution points: a / b means you got a points on this level and you got b total from all levels played so far. And I believe a is always the same for each level you complete. So the form they display this information is confusing:/ So do not worry about the progress – I believe the progress is actually fixes based on the level you are. I think I am now on level 29 now and I have 9 evolution points.

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There are 30 levels and it seems you get 1 point every 3 levels to a total of 9. You can get a 10th if you find a special item in one of the maze levels. The 0/3 and 0/2 messages are really confusing.

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