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SPOILER ALERT. Does Big Brother this season demonstrate people who aren’t Black aren’t thinking about race?

Asked by JLeslie (61533points) 1 month ago from iPhone

Big Brother Season 23 in 2021.

The Black people on the show made an alliance early on and succeeded in getting rid of all players who aren’t Black.

The other players never really figured out there was a race oriented alliance. Were they blind to race? Should they have assumed a race alliance was a possibility? Just like a female or male alliance, or any other possible group.

One girl who lasted a long time realized the winner was going to be someone “of color” she is part Hispanic and I guess what people refer to as Brown, but the Black alliance got rid of her. She seemed to lump herself in with the Black players regarding race, but the Black players did not see her as included.

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Do you mean to ask whether Big Brother (the production company) or the Black Alliance, is demonstrating said idea?

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Why would I ever watch “big brother”?
It’s scripted, over-edited, bottom of the barrel voyeurism, where they select the worst people, short of criminality, that humanity has to offer, to milk them for drama and shock-value.
You really think the production company, whose sole interest is getting a viable product, and is thus interested in having the greatest control possible, did not tell them to enact that scheme?

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@ragingloli and @rebbel The Q is more about the people outside of the alliance than the people in it.

It’s not like I think people on Big Brother represent all the world or the end to racism. It’s just a Q about these players, mostly young, who didn’t automatically assume people from similar skin color would pair up.

There was an East Asian-American player who seemed suspicious of it right before he was voted out.

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I think loli nailed it. It’s scripted. Also, that show represents everything I hate about American entertainment media. I watched it once and that’s time I’ll never get back.

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So far none of you are watching the show this season if I understand correctly.

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My wife is addicted to it. It’s on in the house and I’m forced to hear it in the ambient background. She did tell me about them kicking off all the white people.

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The last time I had the show in my thoughts was when Zlatko made this terrible song.

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@Blackwater_Park I have no issue with the alliance. They used the alliance to get ahead in the game.

I noticed very early on there were a lot more minorities this season, which I think is better than one or two token minorities.

Last week one of the Black girls got rid of one of her best friends in the house, a white girl, and it was hard to watch. It was probably the best strategic move, but hard to know. I think the white girl, Claire, would have been fiercely loyal.

About 30 years ago I was talking to a Black friend of mine and she said white people don’t care if Latin Americans move into their neighborhood, and I told her she’s wrong. Her point of view was Black people and everyone else. She seemed to have no understanding that other minorities are discriminated against and are associated with negative stereotypes also.

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To answer your question, I don’t believe everyone in the house, regardless of race, was aware of the alliance. Many are secret so that’s nothing new.

As far as minorities having prejudices, I won’t speak for them, but yes I have heard some like Asians intermarriage with Americans or other races, judging others on the tone of skin color (aka darker or lighter), etc….

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@KNOWITALL Do you mean you don’t think they were all in on some set script by the producers? Like what the first two jellies were suggesting?

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@JLeslie Correct, every season there are secret alliances but this time they all (pretty much) stuck to the plan.
I would be upset if the show meddled in the game.

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If a person were to dwell on it, wouldn’t that indicate that the person had racist tendencies?

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@kritiper Dwell on what?

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@JLeslie ”...thinking about race?” Like the OP’s question says.

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@kritiper Oh. Yeah, I think dwelling on it could mean racist tendencies. I wouldn’t expect people to dwell on it, but for so many people to be totally blind to it as something in common and a possible reason to bond was interesting to me. It sort of reminds me of my husband, he seems to have no care about using his Mexican heritage to bond with other Mexicans or Latin Americans and I think he might be oblivious if he were in the house too.

Noticing it is not the same as dwelling on it in my opinion.

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@JLeslie The OP’s (your) question mentioned (possible) people who don’t think about it.

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