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Have you seen the prices of Chicken wings ?

Asked by Tropical_Willie (28238points) 1 week ago

Just back from supermarket; walked by chicken section, a family pack (about 6 pounds) was almost $30 – - $4.99 a pound. The Drumsticks in a family pack were $1.49 a pound and less then $9.00 total.

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Yes. Last week I bought $110 worth of chicken wings. $17 a Kilogram. 50 split drums and phalange’s per container. Three jumbo packs $30—$40 each, and three small packs of $20 each. I ate the small packages, and ziplocked the rest and put in my freezer.

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That’s because people are crazy for wings. People eat a dozen wings at a time, that leaves a dozen drmsticks looking for a plate.

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And yet, they’re flying off the shelves.

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Newsweek article states it started during the pandemic shutdown. Wings are a popular comfort food and also travel well for takeout. Read more:,to%20get%20their%20hands%20on%20the%20popular%20appetizer.

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I don’t know how people can eat them, although I know they’re super popular. There’s so much fat and gristle and hard thingies that I have to spend a lot of time eating around and picking off to get the small amount of meat.

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Wow. I was unaware of the big increase. I just looked it up at my supermarket through Instacart and a 20 piece wing is $15 and a whole roasted chicken is $8.00. The only time I get wings lately is from the deli counter at Publix, a “dinner” which is 5 wings and two sides and a roll, and I think I pay $7 for it.

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No, I have not seen the prices. I never consider buying chicken wings, neither raw nor cooked, unless they come with the rest of a chicken as well.

Wow, that sounds expensive.

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Yeah there’s a chicken shortage

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We need to stop using eggs and use the chickens to make more wings instead

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Nah. I haven’t looked at chicken prices in five years. I just raise my own. I imagine that whatever chicken prices are, it’s still impossibly cheap.

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