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As you get older, what sort of battles are you having with the law of gravity?

Asked by Jeruba (51857points) 1 week ago

Things drooping and sagging? Things falling out of your hand or knocking over? Harder to get up and move around?

How is the force that’s dragging you back to earth working on you in an incremental, everyday sort of way?

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I don’t know how much older I’ll need to get, but at 45 there’s nothing at all drooping or sagging (except the bits that always did).

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I mean I am only 20 years old but holy hell is trying to get off the ground DIFFICULT. It HURTS

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Trying to stand up at night to go to the washroom without going blind fpr 15 seconds, and fainting.

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I am dropping things more often.

Boobs lower than in my youth, but still decent. Part of it is because I gained weight. If I had never gained the extra 20 pounds I think I’d still be perky.

Near my jaw line my skin is sagging a little. That’s annoying.

My balance is not as good as before, but I’m still doing better than many.

I realize I need to start actively building more strength or I’m going to lose more and more. I see the loss of muscle strength affecting my balance, my hands so I don’t drop things, and more muscle I would burn more calories and less flab to sag.

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My boobage rockets are still at cruise level, but slowly I’m noticing the rest of me doesn’t exactly float over obstacles anymore.

When I play, I need more of a running start to reach the basket. And when I work, strectching to reach an overhead shelf sometimes takes more effort than before.

But it’s NOT AGE! NO!! Gravity is increasing because of all the space junk screwing with the earth’s rotation.

And climate change.

And the government.

Probably invisible aliens too.

So someday they’ll all win and I’ll just be laying down for everything. I’m going to go practice now.

No peeking.

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Sometimes when I wake up in the morning, I feel like Wile E. Coyote trying to rise from the crater he made in the street.

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When I get together with my friends now, we talk about our aches and pains. Then I say “oh my god, are we at the age now where we talk about our aches and pains?”

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I think it sucks that somebody keeps turning the gravity up. The sagging and stuff doesn’t bother me, the shrinking does. I already couldn’t reach most things, but now I can’t reach stuff I reached ten years ago.
So much unfair.

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When I was 35 I could easily run 10 miles under 1 hour. At age 70 I’m hard pressed to walk/jog 10 miles in under 2½ hours.

“He who competes against time has an adversary who knows no injury”. -Samual Johnson

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When I play Volleyball and end up on the floor or in the sand, It takes 1.5 seconds longer to get back into position.
No sagging going on either in the places that matter.

I agree with @JLoon that it is NOT AGE. I also BLAME CANADA.

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Other than loosing some muscle, and I used to be fairly buff, no real worries. I still don’t have Dunlops Disease. Where the belly done lops over your belt.

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I’m still winning but gravity never relents. I heard recently that avoiding falls is the single most important thing the elderly can do to maintain a good quality of life.

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