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The Met Gala: Is that a thing?

Asked by rebbel (32989points) 2 days ago

How come, I wonder, that I’ve never heard of this before.
Suddenly, this year, I see it mentioned on several news outlets.
Has this always been a thing?
What is it(s function)?

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I think its function is to let the rich and famous dress as crazy and skimpy as possible so they can be talked about for days.
There were a few women who are mothers that were nearly nude. I just wonder what, if anything, their children will look back at those pictures and think?
Other than that, I don’t know what it’s function is.

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It’s been a thing for many years, kind of a ComicCon cosplay event for celebrities and the super rich, I think it’s technically a benefit for the museum.

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@chyna – They’ll say “Oh my gawd there’s mom in that slutty dress, with her saggy boobs and her botox stare. But she loved art, and opera and classical music!

“And that’s why I hate that shit now.”

So enjoy all this culture while while you can. In the future it will just be too traumatizing.

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It has always been a thing since 1948 as a way to raise money for the Metropolitan Museum of Art and other NY charitable institutions.
While I love the Museum, I am not drawn to watch a red carpet event or be on the invite list of about 700 that drop USD $30K to attend.

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This year’s Met Gala is getting extra attention, because the 2020 had to be canceled due to COVID.

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It’s been a thing – it’s a big red carpet thing (although this year the carpet wasn’t red).

I think social media has made many things more of “a thing” now than in the past.

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I agree @jca2. The media makes big deals over nothing.

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Thanks, guys, and gals!

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I think the gala is money for the costume institute. As people said above, it’s been going on for years.

Raising of charitable donations helps renovate the space, general upkeep, etc. etc.

As a side note: the fee to go into the metropolitan museum of art is a suggested fee, you can offer any amount. People can go in for a $1, unless it has changed. My sister and I used to go just for a quick visit sometimes and just pay a nominal fee. This museum is fantastic if you have never been. The variety of art and size of the museum and the location.

Museums can be very expensive and then poor people would be excluded.

Correction: adult suggested price is now $25.

The Museum of Natural History in NYC also has a suggested price. It’s truly a gift that these great museums are available to all and that people donate to keep them in good repair.

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It’s been a thing for many years, about 75.

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@JLeslie: Last I checked, it’s the largest museum in the Western Hemisphere.

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Did you see what AOC was wearing?

One of her quotes was as follows: “After a year where frontline workers were thrown into harm’s way (many w/o hazard pay or adequate healthcare) while billionaires hoarded another $4 TRILLION, members of both parties have tried to halt taxing the wealthiest in our society.

It’s unacceptable. We must Tax the Rich.”

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@chyna Are you sure you’re not thinking of the MTV awards? I saw several half-naked women there, like Megan Fox.

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Ah! Yes. That was exactly who I was thinking of too.

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All the trumps were disinvited.

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^See? I told you! There is a G-

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