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Do you wear clothing with words and slogans on them, like opinions or humor?

Asked by kneesox (3854points) 4 weeks ago

Like political opinions, implied insults, upbeat inspirational messages etc. How about advertising slogans and product logos?

And how about the ones that say, one way or another, “This is who I am” – including implying “This is who I am, so get used to it”?

Why or why not?

I wouldn’t really consider travel souvenirs like a T-shirt with a nice picture of the Grand Canyon or the Mona Lisa in this category, but I would include anything that amounts to “buy something” or “believe something.”

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No. I do not even like clothes with the manufacturer’s logo on them.

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I wear branded clothing, which is a statement in and of itself. Much of it is t-shirts which also have explicit statements about the environment.

I rarely wear clothing with explicitly politcial statements, because the message can be co-opted in a negatove way. In 2002 as an act of protest against the Patriot Act and the Bush Administration, I bought a tie at the White House Gift Shop in Washingto DC based on the Gadsen flag. I wore it proudly when ever I was meeting with federal employees s I was part of a team worjing to get rules approved by the U.S. I was horrified when the Gadesn flag design was co-opted by the Tea Party Republicans.

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I don’t generally wear clothing with political statements. I will sometimes wear a shirt with the name of a state or a promotional logo on it (name of an organization for example, an organization of employees or a shirt that I got at a conference). I recently attended a conference and got some company shirts and someone gave me some kind of Mopar shirt. I have a few shirts that have logos on them from clothing companies.

I am not a person that buys handbags that say Michael Kors or other stuff like that. I could afford them, I just feel that wearing stuff like that amounts to bragging.

Right now I’m wearing a Bob’s Burgers shirt. It has the cartoon characters and says “Bob’s Burgers.”

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Same answer as @ragingloli.

I do have a few one Star Wars and one Marvel tee shirt my daughter bought me which I wear once in a blue moon.

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I have a couple of shirts with dog paws on them. Not that I needed to advertise that I love dogs. The dog hair would clue everyone in.
I have one Nike Tshirt because it was in a $5.00 bin. I can’t wear Nike shoes. My feet are too wide.
I wear my favorite college t-shirts on occasion. That’s about it.

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Nope. I dislike advertising on my clothing.

My only rule outside of this for me is concert tour t-shirts.

I just picked up a new one at a Dead & Co show a few weeks ago and will pickup a Dave Matthews Band one this weekend

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In the early 90’s, I wore a Mono Lake advocacy t-shirt.

I’d still wear it, but even after I had it repaired several times, it couldn’t make it to the subsequent decade.

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Only my Celine Dion T-shirt collection.

Nine out of ten times I buy my t-shirts based on price (I refuse to pay more than €5, which means I usually cop them at sale’s).
Every now and then I will buy something with text on it, and usually I don’t even know what it says (after initial reading).
But sometimes I will search for something specific.
I’m very fond of Chinese t-shirts (with misspelled texts on them).

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@rebbel damned right bro. The jumpsuits are to die for

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I’ve got restaurant and brewery Tees but also have collected animal shelter Tees in 6 different countries and several states. I also wear Tees and polo shirts for civic organizations that I’m a member.

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I have a t shirt that says “Gay AF”.

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“Gay AF”

Air Force? :p

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Generally not. But I got a Tshirt that reads “Mermaid Mama” because I am.

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@Brian1946 “AF” is an abbreviation commonly used nowadays for “as f*ck”. I’m not just a little gay. I am gay AF.

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@Hawaii_Jake Love it!

I feel the same about bumper stickers – I’m private AF and don’t like announcing things about myself and my opinions. The few exceptions are things like my university t-shirt/sweatshirt, music groups/concerts, animals, and years ago, a t-shirt that said, “The Moral Majority is Neither”. Right now I have a vinyl sand dollar on my car bumper cause I love the ocean and beaches.

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Not often but I like sassy tees, like my ‘Elvis Is Dead!’ Earth Day could be political, I suppose.

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I do wear shirts with city or state names, also my university, and some designer names or logos. Mostly, my clothing says nothing and tends to be fairly monochromatic and simple.

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Hate any branding as I’m not buying clothes to advertise someone’s company.

Don’t do words or slogans either, but saw one that made me laugh that read: “I’m not arguing with you. I’m explaining why I am right.”

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But when I was much younger, I had lots of shirts with slogans like “Eat The Rich”, ” Kiss Me, I Have Aids”, and “I Am Not A DeBolt”.

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When I was younger, I was very anti-brand. My sister was aghast when I took a seam ripper to an designer shirt (to remove the label) that she gave me.

Now, I don’t go out of my way to avoid them. But I also don’t go out of my way to take them off if they happen to be on something that I like.

Have a bunch of hoodies with visible branding.

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The only thing I considered buying was a T shirt for blonds. It had arrows to show where to put your arms and your head. Labeled “front,” “back” and so on.

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