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Does anybody here have an HP printer?

Asked by jca2 (12176points) 4 weeks ago

HP meaning Hewlett Packard.

I’m looking at an HP printer from Costco, and I see in the specifications that you have to use original HP ink. I’m wondering if their ink is any more expensive than any other ink. I want to make sure that this is not a “catch” before I go ahead and order the printer.

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I have owned an Officejet 8860 for years. I also have been long involved wth printer engineering.

There are many 3rd party ink sources and substitutes out there that may work with moderate success.
I however recommend using the Original manufacturer’s recommended ink even at the higher cost. And in some cases it is considerably higher that 3rd party prices.
The head design is specific to compounds in the medium used to place the image on the page.
3rd party inks, toners, etc can gun up print heads, fusing stations, etc. and also void the warranty.
Stick with what the product was designed to use.

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I have also seen the same go for Canon and other printers. Stay in the design specs.

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Yes, two. One laser printer (uses toner) and one inkjet.

Their ink is horrendously expensive. Even moreso than Epson or Canon. But I don’t use that much of it, and it’s worth it to me.

Their toner is expensive, too. But I will buy no-name toner, because there seems to be no quality difference.

I agree with @Forever_Free ‘s comments. Both printers are out of warranty so I’m not concerned about that part of it.

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Ink jet printers are generally a bit of a bait and switch. They get you in with low printer prices and then stick it to you on ink costs. If you plan on doing a lot of printing it’s better to get a laser printer unless you plan to use a lot of color.

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All printer manufacturers try to steal your money with their over priced ink.
Best option really is to find a printer that has in-built tanks, not cartridges.
That makes it a lot easier to refill them with 3rd party ink, since you do not have to find cartridges that fit the machine.
And unless you really care about perfect colour reproduction, get 3rd party ink. It is fine.

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@ragingloli is correct. And if you’re printing pictures then you get into the problem of paying for archival ink, correct color spaces, etc. It gets expensive.

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I do. For the last few years I used their instant ink service where they mail you ink when you run low. Supposedly, I was saving 50% doing that. It cost me $2.99 plus tax for 50 pages a month plus 150 roll over pages if you don’t use a lot one month and use more another. When I had the golf cart repair business I think I had a 100 page plan.

My printer just started having trouble printing blue. It’s 4 years old. We have an older HP (10 years) that is still working.

The cynical person in me feels like they purposely screwed up my blue through their instant ink connection. Lol. Who knows. I’m still using it for black and white until I bother to buy a new one.

Edit: I always received ink in plenty of time by the way using their service.

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Planned obsolescence is a thing.
Did you know that lightbulb manunfacturers created a consortium where they made an agreement to limit the lifespan of all the lighbulbs they produce?
Products that last too long are bad for business.

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I have a friend who throws out his printer whenever he has to buy new cartridges.
HP are expensive.

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We have had a HP Laser jet for a number of years now,it’s just Black and white but 99% of all we do is documents so it works great.

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That’s a negative ghostrider.

HP is one of the worst offenders for sticking it to their customers with ink and toner cartridges. They even put security chips in them so the printer will reject any made by a different vendor. We seem to need to replace the toner in my wife’s HP every couple of months. I have a Samsung from a yard sale five years ago that is still on the original.

If you need to print pictures it’s sooo much more economical just to let Walmart print them for you.

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