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Is the United States engaged in a cold war with China?

Asked by Demosthenes (12739points) 4 weeks ago

It seems like a war with China may be our next priority as the War on Terror fades into obscurity.

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Working towards a mutually beneficial peace would be a better priority.

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Is the USA in a cold war…
It seems it may be a priority…
Which is it?
According to whom it “seems”?
I don’t get where does two assumptions come from?

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No. It’s not. The most threatening situation in regarding Taiwan.

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The assumption is coming mainly from the new UK-Australia submarine deal.

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@Demosthenes I see, I understand where you come from.
But the War on Terror “fading into obscurity”?
How so?

And another viewpoint could be to have domestic terrorism high on the priority list.

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@rebbel That’s just a prediction, it could very well continue, but the end of the war in Afghanistan is a major blow to the never-ending “war on terror”. This was inspired more by some people assuming that because we’re done with Afghanistan (for now) that means we won’t find other parts of the world to increase our military presence in. So I’m wondering if China, rather than the Muslim world, is where we will refocus our efforts.

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@Demosthenes I think we are in a cold war with China but I think that’s where it will stay. A hot war would escalate into potentially mutual destruction and I don’t think either side wants that. Besides, we are economically tied together. There’s far too much at stake.

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@janbb It’s also just what I’ve been seeing in the media a lot lately, almost like we’re being primed for it. Not to sound like a “conspiracy theorist”, but it does sound an awful lot like the “machine” is gearing up for increased proxy conflicts (and maybe even a direct one, though like you say, it’s not too likely given the chance of mutual destruction) with China. Now that the chances of re-invading Afghanistan are low, we need a new war. And China makes for a good adversary.

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@Demosthenes Just my humble opinion, but maybe we need to pay for the last gazillion wars before looking for a new one. And wouldn’t it be nice, if we decided to invest in something else? But I agree, the sabers are rattling.

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@janbb I agree completely. Infrastructure, health care, and addressing climate change sound like good places to start.

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^^ Yes, all those and education as well.

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Well where would the USA be without China? Where would the world be without China?

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