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Have scatter volleys in Dragon Ball ever worked?

Asked by ragingloli (49099points) 4 weeks ago

In Dragon Ball Z Abridged, after Vegeta pummeled Mr. Perfect Cell with a scatter volley to no effect, Mr. Perfect Cell asks him:
_Oh, Prince. Has this ever worked?.

Can you come up with an instance, where it has, in fact, worked?
Or is it always useless?

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I don’t recall them ever being effective, but maybe the animators like them as they can repeat a load of frames as filler.

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Maybe it sometimes works against opponents unimportant enough to make it to the screen, so they keep trying it out just to see if it will work against the new guy.

They also have to honor the Universal Anime Villain Contract, which promises every major antagonist at least one scene in which they emerge from a cloud of smoke in order to mock the heroes with their undamaged bodies.

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