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What was the first automobile to have a key lock?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24657points) September 19th, 2021

When did theft become a problem for automobiles?

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I just gave you a “Great Question” upvote. I love your question, have no idea about the answer, and look forward to learning.

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All I know is that I’m sure it wasn’t the infamous Ford Edsel, which nobody wanted even if you left the key in the ignition.

According to this: “In 1949 the Chrysler Windsor was put into production and the first key start ignition was put into standard production.”

I remember that, because it only took some scalawag about 3 seconds to steal my brand new 1948 Studebaker! ;-o

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Looks like you have your answer. As an aside, there is a car museum in the Tampa Bay area that has a lot of automobile firsts. The owner is obsessed with significant automotive innovations over the years. The docents are amazing, tons of knowledge. It’s not a very large museum, but definitely worth seeing if anyone on the Q is ever in the area.

Here’s the link

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Up until the early 50’s, it was possible to attach a wire from the positive post on the battery to the ignition coil. (At least on some cars/trucks)To engage the starter was only a matter of pushing down on the starter pedal that was located just above the gas pedal. Column locks for steering didn’t come around until the late 60’s/early 70’s.
You could start cars without column locks by crossing a hot wire to the ignition and shorting out the starter (on the starter) between the hot post and the solenoid wire.

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Remember when cars had two keys? One for the door and one to start the car?

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I remember then the trunk had a different key (usually round) than the ignition (usually rectangle or square)

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