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What's the worst thing you ever spilled on your computer keyboard?

Asked by Jeruba (55569points) September 19th, 2021

I knocked over a bottle of cranapple juice on my work computer. The admin scolded me, took it away from me, and sent it to be cleaned. That’s when she found out about all the Doritos crumbs down between the keys (old computer, spaces between the keys). She made sure I didn’t want to get in trouble with her again.

The time I splashed some hot chocolate, though, nobody caught me and I got away with it.

What kind of folly did you commit?

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Dirty stories my grandmother told me – Or an eggnog.

I can’t decide…

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My epidermal cells, because I type really hard and fast.

Although my keyboard has never had any occlusive liquid deposits, my relentless and unmodulated key pounding has erased many of the character key marks. ;-o

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I reserve the right not to incriminate myself. However, someone once destroyed one of my keyboards by spilling a bunch of milk on it.

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Never spilled anything on a computer keyboard !

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My boss wasn’t pleased.

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A litre bottle of fake c

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Cigarette ashes….....
Long time ago

I don’t use computers anymore, so I’m save from spilling.
And I don’t smoke any longer.

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I zotched with a static shock from my finger. Ruined the key board.

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@Brian1946 Have they formed a civilization on your keyboard yet?

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Let me do a microscopic keyboard examination.

You’re right- they have! ;-0
They’re communicating with tiny epidermal cell phones. ;-)

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A splash of Pappy Van Winkle Bourbon.

I cried for days

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Unsweet tea. Once a Coke.

My keyboard survived just fine. But I have ruined a coouple of mice with spilled liquids.

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I try to keep mine clean all the time. About once a week I turn my laptop sideways and blow any dust and crumbs out with compressed air. The amount is shocking! I will also take a piece of scotcvh tape and slide it between the keys to pick up anything that has landed there.

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I never have spilled anything, but I’m a little neurotic about. I try to keep food and liquids far away. Neurotic but not perfect, it could happen.

Now that you mention the Doritos crumbs, maybe I have some crumbs in there I’m oblivious too? I do dust the keyboard now and then. Maybe I should buy another compressed air thingy. I haven’t had one in years.

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I used to vacuum the keys until I sucked one off its mounting. Now I stick with compressed air. A $4 can lasts me about a month.

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You could get one of those cheap electric PC dusters

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Not me, but I witnessed a co-worker drop a piece of cake, icing side down, on a keyboard. Messy.

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Decades ago I spilled a smoothie (fruit, yogurt, honey) into my keyboard. Fortunately, it was a quick fix, unplug, throw away, new keyboard. Nothing more offensive than coffee or wine since then.

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A whole bottle of wood glue. I just unplugged it and chucked it in the trash. No coming back from that.

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@Forever_Free That splash probably cost way more than the keyboard.

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@Forever_Free I hope you licked it off the keyboard!

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We’ve seen posts from drunk jellies, but what would we see from a drunk keyboard?

I’ll take on any fuggin’ keyboard here, an’ fuggin’ kig ids azz. <hick> <barp> :p

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Woke up with dried red wine all over myself, my bed and the lappie. On the up side I learned how to replace a laptop keyboard.

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I spilled a beer on a keyboard and killed it. They replaced it for $35 (if I recall correctly). Which was great because it was a really nice keyboard.

The company is Unicomp, formed by employees of the IBM keyboard operation in Lexington, Kentucky. The IBM Model M was a well-loved product, so they bought the factory and make updated versions today. They originated the market for clicky mechanical-switch keyboards

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I once spilled a full cup of coffee into my keyboard. I use a touch screen now, folded like a tent, so nothing gets near the keyboard. Sometimes food splashes on the screen, but I have a container of screen wipes for that.

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I don’t know. I don’t ever spill anything on it but it gets dusty under the keys. I use soap and water and hold it under the shower and scrub it with a brush. I wrap the cord around the shower rod overnight and let it hang to dry and it looks brand new.

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