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Is it pornographic for a teenager to wear a bikini at a public lake?

Asked by elbanditoroso (30574points) 1 month ago

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Is another sign of the American Christian Taliban trying to take over American society?

Or is this one more right-wing kook?

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Oh Hell NO!

This holy horndog is using phony “godliness” as an excuse to harass and perv on young girls. And I’m sure because the same fucking thing happened to me when I was a teen.

Someone needs to tell him that minding your own damn business is a Christian value.

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@JLoon The devil you say! “And Jesus sayeth into them, get thee a rock, as thou art more holy..and casteth it at yon unclothed and naked harlot, who forceth ye to look upon her”. Gospel of Saint Donald of Trump, 8: 14. New Right Wing Bible.

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@Nomore_lockout – Am I in trouble with the Holy Bros again?!

Oh well, Jeebus saves ;)

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Nah, only with the unholy right. So clothe thyself and cover thine shame. ; ) Don’t lead those pure good ol’ boys astray.

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Hell no.

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What the bleep is wrong with people

The perv was using the situation to gawk.

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I think that the woman’s body is beautiful and not pornographic. It’s cool with me if they choose to flaunt their bodies in public.

Some women that I’ve seen in Hawaii were waring bikinis so tiny that they may have well wear nothing at all. Oh but you better not look at them more than a quick glance or your a pervert.

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I’m all for calling the cops in a situation like that and saying “this man is harassing us.”

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Teenagers and young woman have been wearing bikini at spots such as lakes for years and unless the country has specifically banned the wearing of bikinis then it will continue and it definitely is not pornographic.

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The clown who complained had to make it clear very fast how offended he was. Had to get home to his porn collection before evening church service.

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