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What email client do you use? How can one access MS Outlook through the web?

Asked by mikey7183 (338points) September 13th, 2008

should i change my email client to something other than outlook? because I love Outlook for its tasks and calendar and all that that syncs with my blackberry

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I work with many platforms: Windows, Mac, linux. That said, I use Outlook, Mail/iCal, and Thunderbird (respectively).

The following is assuming that you use Outlook for home use only:

Your Outlook was set up to sync with some mail system. Outlook is not a means for receiving it; only reading it. Outlook Web access comes from MS Exchange, an expensive, corporate mail/calendar system.

Whatever mail service you use, be it gmail, Yahoo, Cox, etc. probably has a webmail feature, where you can log in to read your messages. You cannot simply “log in” to your personal copy of outlook remotely. It is an application that runs on your computer. And only your computer.

As for calendaring, you can subscribe to a web calendar and have it sync with outlook, which would, in turn sync with your blackberry.

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I use mail with my mac. It works. It’s simple.

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Great answer blastfamy…I have a friend that uses a Blackberry but not on a corporate email system; she is able to sync her calendar on her Bb with Google Calendar.

My work uses MS Exchange and my iPhone now connects to their server! Also, I’m able to access my account via any web browser using their Outlook Web Access feature; you basically log in to a secure server just as you would with yahoo, gmail, etc.

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