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What's up with all the "digital marketers" on this site?

Asked by Mimishu1995 (19957points) 1 month ago

For about three days now, I’ve notice a lot of new accounts on this site that follow the same patterns: most have Indian-like names, most have a profile picture of a random Indian-looking man, most describe themselves as something along the line of “I’m a professional digital marketer” they may also contain some other profession like freelancer, and almost all of them don’t post anything on here. There are no link on their profile, so I can’t flag them for being spammers, but it’s just odd that there are so many accounts that look the same, and they all pop up at the same time in a row. They don’t seem to promote anything, so I don’t know what they get from doing this.

Do you notice that? What do you think?

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My guess is that they are all attending the same program in Bangladesh and this is a class assignment. I have been flagging all the ones I spot.

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@kneesox what program is that?

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Oh, you can flag them. We’ve been banning them all. Not sure why there’s suddenly dozens on Fluther, but we probably don’t need more than one “professional digitel marketer and youtube influencer”.

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@longgone OK. I will flag those profiles from now on. Still strange why they are doing that without any immediate reward.

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@Mimishu1995 I don’t know. One of the digital marketers mentioned something like “I am studying digital marketing in Bangladesh.” I noticed they are all about the same age, with a few young women in Muslim attire. It was just a guess from there—that they were all connected somehow. It was easy to jump to the idea that they were all students, maybe even in the same class, and that they had an assignment to create an online presence identifying themselves as digital marketing professionals. Once somebody found Fluther, it spread because signing up here is so easy. Again, just a guess, but it does fit what we’ve been seeing.

Would also not be surprised if some of them signed on more than once after their profile got banned. If it has to stay up long enough for their instructor to grade them, they’re probably out of luck.

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It sounds like Spam Masala to me!

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@kneesox yes, that’s a good theory. It’s really sad that they are actually studying how to spam. Who teaches people that it’s ok to spam? This sounds like what the woman in this question would tell people to do.

I don’t feel bad flagging them anymore. They need to learn that it’s not ok to spam, and there are better ways to promote their products.

Oh, and also their profiles look horrible. It’s too generic and it doesn’t make me want to do business with them. If I was their instructor I would give all of them an F :D

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Shortly after this question was asked, the number of digital marketers sharply declined. And now I don’t see them anymore.

Did I just hit a nerve?

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