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Why do I have this visceral hatred of Dane Cook?

Asked by AstroChuck (37428points) September 13th, 2008 from iPhone

True, he’s not funny. But neither is Jeff Foxworthy, Larty the Cable Guy, or Carrottop and I wouldn’t say that I hate them, just their acts. But every time that I see Dane Cook and his unkempt, unshaven face, on the cover of some magazine or on TV I feel like reaching out and slapping him on the back of his uncombed head. The only person that creates a greater reaction from me is W
I know it’s kind of hip to hate Dane Cook but I get angry just seeing his picture. How is it that he’s been so successful? (Of course you can’t spell success without suck!). What in the human condition invokes this kind of feeling towards somebody I don’t even know?

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Wow, maybe there’s something wrong with me cause i think Dane, Jeff, and the Cable guy are all absolutely hilarious. I understand why you can hate them and not think that they are funny. There successful because of goofs like me. Same goes with Paris Hilton being ridiculously famous for no reason. Just how the public as a mass precepts others.

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I have honestly never heard of him. I had to look him up, and I still don’t know who he is. So, I guess I don’t know why you hate him!

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@peteylove- I don’t hate them, just Dane Cook. There are many comics that I don’t find funny. I’m just wondering what it is about him that gets my ire. Anyone feel this way about someone famous that they’ve never met?

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AC:I find the question in general to be very interesting. What makes us feel strong antipathy towards some people? When I get that feeling, I try to find cause and effect. For one petty example, my father had really nice hands and nails. And so I have always shuddered when I have noticed serious nail biters and could never date a nibbler.

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Because he looks and acts like he says in his stand-up, “snarky.”

Maybe that’s a trigger for you…also his brand of “comedy” is somewhat like the guy at a party who tries to have witty stories and reparte√© but ends up just being an obnoxious douchebag trying to impress the ladies…

But that’s just me….I’m more of a Carlin fan-Louis C.K. and (most of the time) David Cross and Dennis Leary are more my pace.

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I don’t know, but I have the very same reaction. I think sndfreQ might be on to something, though.

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I happen to love Dane Cook. Maybe he appeals to the female audience more then? His brain ninja skit is hysterical IMO.

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@gail- it’s not apathy. That’s something I feel for my ex-wife. This thing with Dane Cook just brings out the dark side in me. For all I know he might be a stand up (not intended as a pun) guy. But somehow I doubt this.
What brought this up today was this upscale magazine for people who own private aircraft I had to deliver. On the cover was Dane Cook, with his two day old growth of beard and messed up hair, standing in front of his Lear jet. This made me snarl. Then i started thinking about those damn MLB commercials he made that aired last year during the World Series. The guy just makes me sick. This is completely different than the loathing I have for President Bush. That hated is rooted in something. But Dane Cook has never done anything to me to justify how I feel, besides just being unfunny.

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@AC: You’re speed-reading again, ducks. I wrote antipathy, not apathy.—I still pose the same question (often to myself). What makes me loathe some people on very little evidence?

I have no clue who D Cooke is, I have no clue about his MLB commercials and I don’t think we need to explain, yet again, why we can’t stand 43. I’m too tired to say anything more, much less anything funny.

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Sorry Gail, I see that now. Here are a couple examples of why I hate this mook. These are from those Actober commercials aired last year. And what the hell does he have to do with baseball. What an ass he is!

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AC: Have you seen Billy Gates and Seinfeld doing nonsensical commercials for MSFT?

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Dane Cook is a hack. He stole his shit from Louis Ck who is a million times funnier yet somehow barley known. If i could say one thing to Dane Cook i would tell him to GO SUCK A BAG OF DICKS!

Honestly though, im right there with you Chuck, i get pissed off every time i see his picture and wish nothing more for him to just cease to exist.

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Deep set psychological hating of humor I suppose.

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Perhaps bad humor.

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