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Are there some stories that shouldn't be made into musicals?

Asked by janbb (59206points) 1 month ago

I’m watching a digital production of Angela’s Ashes: the Musical and the theme song is “Angela’s Ashes are Calling Me.” Besides that the memoir by Franck McCourt is a bitter portrayal of poverty in Ireland and this is “heartwarming.”

The Producers nothwithstanding, it made me think of the question of whether there are books or stories that should not be made into a musical. Please list titles if you have them.

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I can’t imagine Angela’s Ashes as a musical.

But to answer the question, Silence of the Lambs would not be good as a musical.

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@Dutchess_III Funny, I was just thinking of that exact one after I posted the question. It would be awful!

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Oedipus Rex
The Crucible
Anything by Thomas Pynchon

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I’m very hesitant about 1776. On one hand I think it’s extremely inappropriate to make a musical out of the Revolutionary War, because to me there is nothing lighthearted or heartwarming about it. But on the other hand I saw a lot of praises for it, saying how historically accurate it is and how respectful it is to history.

Have anyone here seen it? Is it worth watching?

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Flight 93 would make a lousy musical.

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@Mimishu1995 I’ve seen it. It’s not really about the revolution; it’s about the Constitutional Convention. It’s good and true the issues about slavery, etc. and the personalities of the framers.

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@zenvelo Yeah. Anything about 9/11 would probably not work as a musical.

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Shouldn’t be a musical:

MR. ED: The Musical” Ad campaign: You knew he talked, now he sings and dances. A real Broadway hoofer

OH, GODFATHER!—the classic gangster saga comes to Broadway. Score by Maury Yeston, directed by Tommy Tune, starring Raul Esparza as Michael Corleone. With the song “Don’t Forget The Cannoli!”

HELLO, LULU!—A new musical based on Wedekind’s other play, scored by Jerry Herman. With the songs “Upon This Couch (My Father Bled To Death)”, “The Jack The Ripper Polka.”

BLUE VELVET—David Lynch adapts his own classic film for the stage, with score by Angelo Badalamenti, choreography by Bill T. Jones. Christine Ebersole as Dorothy Vallens. Songs: “Joyride” and “Daddy’s Coming Home” and “He Put His Disease In Me!!”

“IT’S CHARLES!” a rollicking bed room farce/murder mystery adapted from the 1988 masterpiece of horror cinema “Child’s Play”. Featuring the soon to be Broadway Standards “He’s Small”, “Don’t Call Me Chucky” and “Toy Store Break Out”!

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The Sharon Tate murders by Charles Manson.

Jeffrey! The Dahmer story.

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There already is a musical about 9/11. Though it’s not really about what happened in Lower Manhattan that day. Come from Away is actually very good.

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@janbb Thank you. I see the movie popping up often when people cite historically accurate movies about the time period. I was put off by the fact that it was a musical, mainly because I fear it is an attempt to sanitize what really happened. Maybe I should give it a fair chance.

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@anniereborn Yes. I saw it on Broadway but I guess I don’t think of it as a 9/11 story although it really is.

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“Alien: The Musical” —can’t be any worse than “Cats.”

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The Shining



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