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What is your favorite Kurosawa movie?

Asked by Caravanfan (10744points) 1 month ago

I just finished the masterpiece Seven Samurai. But as much as I love this movie, it’s not my favorite. That would have to go to Ran or Yojimbo.

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I hate impossible questions!

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I’d have to say Ikiru, but I also love The Men Who Tread on the Tiger’s Tail. I once watched the whole six-part performance of Kanjincho on YouTube, the basis of the latter movie, just to get a sense of its origins. It was fascinating.

Of course I do love The Seven Samurai, which I’ve seen a number of times, and I think both Toshiro Mifune and Takashi Shimura are wonderful in anything, but it’s not my number one.

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Honestly, I haven’t seen Tiger’s Tail or Ikiru. Ikiru is high on my list, though and will be watching soon. I’m bumping it up now that I saw Shimura in this.

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Last summar my son and I had a mini Kurosawa film festival, watched Rashomon, Seven Samurai, Ran, and Yojimbo in four consecutive nights.

I liked Rashomon the best.

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I like Seven Samurai.

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@Caravanfan, you can see them both paired as leads in Drunken Angel and Stray Dog.

I tried to like Rashomon, and I did love the idea of it (and Mifune and Shimura), but there was just too much screaming. It really got on my nerves. Also I never managed to like the woman, Machiko Kyo, in any part I saw her in. Loved the ending, though.

I’ve seen every Kurosawa movie that I could find with subtitles in the U.S., even the awful ones, and read his autobiography, as well as Donald Richie’s commentary and analysis. Worth every minute.

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Watched Dersu Uzala on motel cable when I was snowed in at Missoula a couple years ago.

Loved it.

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I’ve seen Seven Samurai and Rashomon and now need to add Ran, Yojimbu and Ikiru to the list.
Rashomon is one of the few movies I’ve watched more than once. I picked up sublte bits I missed the first time.

It reminded me of an episode of “My name is Earl” entitled Buried Treasure where each character recounts their own version of events.

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Rashomon. I haven’t seen that many Kurosawa films, which is surprising considering I lived in Japan. I used to be fluent in the language. I’ve seen a lot of Japanese movies.

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I just saw Ikiru and was really moved. At Watanabe san’s low point (about one hour into it) even I was ready for the cyclobarbital.
Thank you for the impetus to watch it.

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