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[Kind of Gross] When I use a q-tip to clean my ears, I notice that gunky reside from the left ear is always darker and dirtier than the right. Is that from driving with the windows open?

Asked by elbanditoroso (30570points) 4 weeks ago

In the US. the driver’s seat is on the left and I often drive with the windows open.

Is it likely that tiny dirt particles are flying into my left ear (moreso than my right), causing darker wax accumulation?

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It could be but doubtful. I’d have to ask if the darker ear wax is the ear you sleep on more regularly, which is a common factor.

“the left is that you favor sleeping with the right side of your head against the pillow. Air keeps the left ear dry and gives wax a chance to dry up and disappear; moisture and heat created with your ear against the pillow favor a wax buildup in your right ear canal.”

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I think sleeping also. @KNOWITALL stole my thunder.

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Hmm, interesting. I always start sleeping on my left side (left ear down) and I alwayus wake up on my back.

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@JLeslie Sorry sister, I’m intrigued by anything medical. :)

@elbanditoroso Just curious, how do you clean your ears? I had a lot of ear infections as a child in one ear and generally use tissue to lightly clean the canal. If you use Q-tips, you could actually be making it worse and impacting the wax.
Also, change your pillow cases more often, it may help.

*Ear wax softener is at most pharmacies, you could get a bottle and see if that helps clean it. That’s what the ER recommended for my husband last time his was impacted and sore.

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Don’t us a q tip to clean your ears.

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When I eat dairy, I get lots of wax in my left ear. I’m assuming it’s from the way I sleep. (Ear was can be an allergic reaction to certain foods.)

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Possibly your left ear is your dominant one.

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Maybe that side is darker because it gets more airflow and therefore drier.

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@raum Mine are during allergy season, spring and fall.

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Do you sleep on your left side?

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@KNOWITALL Makes sense. Allergy seasons are so annoying. Before I developed allergies, I thought it was just spring. Then when I started developing them, I was like “WTF? There’s two allergy seasons?!”

@Brian1946 I usually fall asleep on my right side. But wake up on my left. Guessing majority on my left?

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