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How do you like your steak?

Asked by bob_ (20959points) 4 weeks ago

Rare, medium, well done? And do you have a particular preference for a type of steak (rib-eye, prime rib, etc.)?

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Medium rare. Sirloin and New York are probably my favorites. I’m not a fan of prime rib.

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^^^^ Ditto. Only we call them Kansas City strips.

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Ditto and ditto again, just a tad pink. No real preference on type. Never met a steak I didn’t like. A-1 sauce on it.

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Pescatarian here

I like my Tuna steaks Seared on the outside pink on the inside.

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A1? Blasphemy @Nomore_lockout!! A1 is for cheap cuts of meat that you want to disguise the taste of!

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Nay and forsooth! It is good stuff! Would you ruin a good steak with ketchup? Say it ain’t so, Josephine! @Dutchess_III Verily I am offended. I’m going to have a pity party now.

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I don’t put anything on my steak except salt and pepper. The meat speaks for itself.
My dad, who was raised in Texas, is rolling over!

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@Dutchess_III That I am sorry to hear. From what you have told me about your dad, I would have liked to have been allowed to hang out with him and have his approval. But but but A-1 is da bomb!

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New York medium rare. Montreal seasoning.

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Netherlands…...medium rare to done.
The gravy is the best.
Dunk it with white bread.
Better than the steak.

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Medium rare or even a little bloody. A little sear on the sides and I’m good.
I’m not a fan of fat being anywhere on my steak when served, so I’ll go with @Dutchess_III, KC Strip.

@Nomore_lockout I love A-1 and Heinz both, but I agree with @Dutchess_III, a good steak speaks for itself. They can both juice up a hamburger though.

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Medium rare. Slightly bloodier if it’s a quality steak.

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Medium rare, New York or a filet mignon. A Tri Tip if the kids are home.

No sauce, just salt and pepper, and maybe some shitake mushrooms that have been sauted in butter.

Fresh Acme Sourdough Baguette to soak up the juice.

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@zenvelo Tri-tip is my favorite. Your whole post just made my mouth water. haha!

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Medium well.

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In Schnitzel form.

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Sirloin and tenderloin are my usual go to steaks for a typical American steak with sides. I like other cuts also though, NY, rib eye, flank, skirt, all fine, depending on what exactly I am preparing or ordering. Flank and Skirt usually gets cooked through.

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Filet Mignon, Medium. Good sear, garlic butter on top.

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I agree with @cookieman. I love the meat to be redish but not bleeding and I love a good sear that locks in the juices.

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Uncooked, and still integrated with the anatomy of the original bovine.

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Medium rare, but not bloody, porterhouse or filet. I haven’t had a tri-tip since I lived in Calif about 20 years ago, but dayum tri-tip’s good!

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I like it medium. I like sirloin or rib eye.

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Medium well.

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