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Why is the vaccine mandate an attack on freedom, while the abortion law in Texas isn't?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (20603points) 3 weeks ago

Just wondering?

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Right Winger GOP platform.

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Good question

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It’s not. It’s right wing gaslighting.

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So sorry

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What are you sorry for??^^^

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He might think that @Caravanfan was responding to him rather than to the question title.

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Its an expression of courtesy. Don’t want to be unnecessarily disagreeable.

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@TJFKAJ Wasn’t talking to you. I was answering the original question. If I wanted to tag you I would have tagged my response as I did here.

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I guess that explains everything

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You’re attempting to make sense of nonsense.

It can’t be done.

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Republican double standard, as always. Vaccine mandate is an attack on freedom, attempts at reasonable gun control legislation are an attack on freedom. Threatening a death penalty for women getting or seeking an abortion is no problem. Freedom and rights only apply to conservative Repub men.

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Because hack politicians fueling the debate on both issues are sick with hypocrisy megalomania – Symptoms of Fetus Fever.

And it’s incurable.

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@JLoon Is correct. It works as a wedge issue for both sides.

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The mandate deals with you. Abortion deals with the unborn.

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Because no one should have freedom those who want to kill their own embryos and babies what I assume anti-abortion folks believe.

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because the political brains in Texas follow the oxyMORON way of thinking with a heavy dose of moron.

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But no one should be allowed to kill other people with the virus, @mazingerz88.

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Interesting comparisons. Over 600,000 have died from covid and over 600,000 babies have died from abortions annually. “My body my choice” seems to apply to both vaccines and abortions. Regardless, which side you’re on the issues are comparable.

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@Jaxk The issues are not comparable. If I have an abortion, my pregnant neighbor will not miscarry because of it. Using a slogan that has been exclusively associated with women’s reproductive rights for over 50 years to justify defying public health measures is a particularly pernicious method of gaslighting.

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@Jaxk Yeah, “my body, my choice” exclusively justifies killing a fetus for personal convenience.~

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@cheebdragon,. In case of rape, incest, or the mother’s health it very much is.

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@cheebdragon Yeah, forcing women to carry fetuses to term against their will is the American way. Go ‘murica, er, I mean, Gilead! Why not just force them to wear red dresses and white bonnets while you’re at it?

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“Keep them barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen” – - the ‘Murican way.

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The thing about anti-vaxxers using “my body, my choice” as a slogan is that it’s completely in bad faith. The fact is, those who are in favor of the vaccine by and large do not support forcing anyone to get it. So there is no inconsistency in the position of those who support both promoting the vaccine and defending abortion rights.

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