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Does size matter?

Asked by TJFKAJ (642points) 3 weeks ago

It’s one of those eternal questions. Gets asked occasionally.
On the basketball court? On the football field? Take your pick

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In sports, sure it can matter. But you have to be athletic too.

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I get that

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If one is taller, it is easier to throw a basketball into the basket. If one is bigger, it is harder for an opposing football player to knock you over.

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Trick question? Not touching that one.

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Um, sure.

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Not that much.
As long as one doesn’t need tweezers or two hands, no problem. ;)

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HA! Is question about sports – Or that other thing guys think about sooo much??

If it’s about sports the answer is size matters, but skill matters much more.

And if it’s about that other thing… the answer is the same.

Enjoy the game.

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I was only trying to steer the discussion away from jocks. :p

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It depends. Some mornings I like a short stack. Other mornings I need a full stack with strawberries, whipped cream and a side of sausage links.

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For both sports it would be near impossible to play if the balls were changed to medicine balls.

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No it does not matter. But I would hate to look like a donkey!

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It does if you are under inflating the football.

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While it may help in some cases it is more important if you have good moves.

Appearance does matter.

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Yes. At a restaurant I prefer to eat half of my meal and take the leftovers home for lunch the next day.

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@Nomore_lockout Not touching that one. Which one, exactly, won’t you be touching? (Tee hee, I’m hilarious.)

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I wouldn’t call it an “eternal question” except possibly in the domain of phrases that get repeated with very little thought having been given to them beforehand.

Or at least, written in that 3-word form without properly framing the question, so the answers end up being people who are basically just adding the first pieces of context that occur to them.

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