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If someone offered to pay all expenses for a 2-week "Honeymoon" type of getaway for you and your love interest, where would you choose to go and what would you wish to do?

Asked by JackAdams (6497points) September 13th, 2008

Remember, this is all expenses paid, and to sweeten the pot, let’s pretend that the deal includes, in addition to airfare, all ground transportation (rental cars, buses) hotel rooms and all meals, the sum of $5,000 cash for “incidentals,” such as cameras, souvenirs, etc.

Not a bad offer, right?

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What a wonderful choice! My lady and I will go with you!

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Another excellent choice, Marina! However, I doubt if anyone could get you on the jet to leave that place, except at gunpoint! LOL

I’m assuming that someone with your name, would wish to be near a Marina.

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Nowhere that makes you go on those painful timeshare selling events at the resort! Argh!

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There is such an EASY WAY to avoid a long, drawn-out timeshare sales pitch.

When the salesperson starts to put the pressure on you, just look him straight in the eye and say:

“Je suis désolé, mais je ne parle pas Anglais.”

It’s always worked for me!

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Posiedon sounds amazing. But I want to go someplace more exotic and a little less safe than the standard resort (not that anything about Posiedon sounds standard). i love an adventure. i love seeing endangered species in their quickly shrinking natural habitats. for that reason i want to spend time in some small villages in Africa. interacting and learning with the local people and culture and traveling out into the jungle. on the way back maybe stopping at a resort for 2 or 3 days to “wash up” in the pools and get some rest.

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I would go to this castle in Ireland.

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That’s awesome, SuperMouse!

I wonder if wildflower knows about it, or has visited it?

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Definitely Edinburgh. But you’d never get me to leave after two weeks…

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I went to a time share pitch one time. When the sales person asked me If I could imagine myself staying there I said “Absolutely not!.” The sales pitch was over and they sent us back down to the casino within 1/2 hour.

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The island of the Gods.. Bali of course. They have one of the worlds best scenic scuba diving tours. The food is great! and it is one of the most beautiful places on earth. The sunsets are incredible and the people are lovely. :)

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@torisecret: yeah, I have an aunt and uncle who say the same thing about Bali…just don’t plan on smuggling anything when you go!

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@torisecret: Don’t forget to check out the diving at the Great Barrier Reef, should you ever have occasion to visit The Land Down Under

Tip: Avoid the Stingrays!

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Since my love is about to be extradited with the possibility of even spending time in jail, and I will have to follow her not knowing when I can see her again, we’d probably want to go as far away as possible. And hide. Solomon Islands or something.

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