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Why is the Community Feed so late?

Asked by filmfann (49164points) 1 month ago

Today the Fluther Community Feed congratulated @bob_ on hitting 20K. I checked because this seemed familiar. He currently has 20,800 lurve.
Why does this happen?

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For the record, has 20k party is here

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Yeah – I wonder that two. Jeruba and I each threw a party for bob in the last two days – only to find out it’s been done. Very confusing.

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I know seven months ago !

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I also was going to post a party for bob_, but when I saw that he has 20.854K lurve, I looked to see if one had already been throne, and yadda yadda yadda.

I wonder if the notices are manually posted by the mods, and perhaps they’re not a priority.

I don’t remember seeing a notice for flo, and I don’t she was ever given a party.

A 30K was thrown for Pandora, but she didn’t show up.
There was an erroneous impression of her acknowledgement, but that was just some dork who copied her avatar. ;p

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@janbb Aww, thanks! :)

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^^ Now go make me a sandwich!

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No hablo ingl├ęs.

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^^ Tacos por favor?

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