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Xbox 360 help?

Asked by varey14 (57points) September 13th, 2008

i have been trying for xbox live for nearly a yr and i have given up i was wondering if its possible to get someone from xbox or something to fix it up 4 u

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Do you mean is it possible to get free xbox live?

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no . . . i meen if like someone could set it up for u from xbox cos i cant do it

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Your not exactly giving us much to work with. What exactly is your problem? I mean getting live isnt that hard, just have an internet connection and about a half hour free time to fill out all the damn info they ask for. Oh and a credit card. But what exactly is it thats stopping you?

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Nope. Its not that hard. I would be happy to help you. The easiest way would be to set it up wirelessly. Do you have a wireless network at your house

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no im on broadband i have a ethernet connection from my xbox to my computer ,, when i test connection it says connection via ethernet connected and then ip address failed i duno wat to do coz i tryed pretty much everyfin…

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Did you try proper grammar? Hmmm no? Give that a shot.

Anyway about your xbox if its saying your IP address is failing either give your ISP a call or Xbox Live support a call and ask them to walk you through it to find the problem.

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