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Why can't I login to Quora?

Asked by omtatsat (868points) 1 month ago

I get this when I try to access Quora: “429. Too many inquiries. Too many requests from this IP”

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@omtatsat you are blocked.

“Actually, there is no way to fix it but we can resolve the issue by taking some preventive methods after checking the capacity of the server and how the issue happened in real. As stated earlier, a 429 error is because of the too many requests being made within a time-frame. The server is hence not prepared to treat all of the requests being made at a time. Therefore, its necessary to know what rate-limiting scheme can do to avoid getting a 429 error.” – - -

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So is Quora blocking me on purpose?

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429 means too many requests from IP address, are you still using a VPN ?

It maybe the VPN!

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No. It happened before I used VPN. They maybe banned me?

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Only you know the answer as to whether they banned you or not @omtatsat.

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Maybe someone spammed Quora using a related IP. If you can connect from a different IP, it might work.

Unless you have been war-dialing Quora, I would not expect this to be about your specific account.

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So if you couldn’t log in before using VPN, have you tried using VPN and see what happens?

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Yes. I installed VPN and I could login a few times but now if I try to login using VPN then comes a notification that my account has been blocked by the mods.

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Did you send an email ? ?

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@Tropical_Willie Well no . Probably would not help.

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I just looked at Quora and it works for me. I didn’t log in but I can see the site from my computer. Try logging in elsewhere or using someone else’s computer and see what happens, @omtatsat.

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“Well no . Probably would not help.”

So you know you’re banned and trying a work around?

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@Tropical_Willie Yes. But not so sure why I was banned. I have now sent them an E Mail

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