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Is it normal to become slightly psychotic after binge listening to Evenesence?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19455points) 1 month ago

What are your favorite music videos to amp you up?

Humor welcome.

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Psychotic as in?

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@rebbel Psychotic as being confused, and also relating to the distress of the lyrics and chords.

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Ah, okay.
Just asking, because I thought if you gotten really psychotic (hallucinations, delusions) you’d might had to seek some help from professionals.

Celine Dion (binge watching for 30 seconds) makes me maniacal and bloodthirsty.
Not to mention, scratching my ears out with rusty springs.

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It’s not normal.
Normally, one has to be psycho to even consider listening to Evvervesince. ;-0

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Now you know why we Americans are so crazy. It’s been the music all along. Haha!

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