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What are some of your favorite mechanical devices?

Asked by Jeruba (51895points) 2 weeks ago

I have a great fondness for simple, modest mechanical devices that we take for granted.

I especially like desky things, such as staplers, scissors, and hole punches. In the kitchen, it’s things like can openers and flour sifters.

For purposes of this question, a device is a tool with moving parts that require an operator.
Ballpoint pen: yes, pencil: no.
Tongs: yes, fork: no.
Clippers: yes, hatchet: no.

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Dish and clothes washers.

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Love the garlic press!
Fear the cheese slicer…

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10 speed bike. I think it is the one of the greatest inventions that humans have made. Such an efficient mode of transportation. I’m an old man now but feel free and young again when I ride.

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Nail clipper. Such a simple little tool but so useful, not just for cutting nails but can be used to cut string and other things.

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I originally went to school for architectural and mechanical drafting, pre-computers — so I have a fondness for mechanical pencils, drafting tables, refillable nib pens, metal compasses, and so on.

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I was going to say the bicycle but @gondwanalon beat me!

The automobile jack is pretty amazing, both kinds, the kind that use the mechanical advantage of a lever, or the ones that use the mechanical advanagte of a screw.

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Dustbusters. I was without one for months after my old one died. Got a new one and now I am busting dust with a vengeance.

And I don’t know if this qualifies but a flyswatter is a beautiful thing.

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A well working can opener. I still use the old fashioned manual kind.

Mandolin for those thin slices in scalloped potatoes and cucumber salad. Just be careful not to cut your finger.

Scrapbook cutting tool. I don’t know what it’s called. You put the paper in it and draw the blade across the paper. You can make a very straight cut. Much better than scissors for a straight cut. According to this link it’s a rotary paper trimmer.,store:3780271355344612596,s:j&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwj0gfX3kZ_zAhUKZd8KHZ2GCksQ9cEDegQIQBAI

Pinking shears, but used on paper to make fun cut outs.

Can we include paper clips? I use them for paper and to close cereal bags, chips. I use them just like a chip clip, but much cheaper.

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I also agree with @gondwanalon. My bicycle is my favourite mechanical device. It keeps me fit and feeling 15 years younger, maybe 20 with the wind at my back.

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Writing instruments of any kind are my go to mechanical item love since I was a kid.
Pens, fountain to rollerball, calligraphy nibs to writing. Pencils, mechanical or standard, different hardness or colors.

To me they are functional art.

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@janbb Doesn’t qualify; it’s a ‘fork’.

Also; animal cruelty.

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Vegetable peelers, pencil sharpeners, coffee makers, and corkscrews.

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What did women do before electric vibrators? Glass, plastic, aluminum, no doubt.

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^^^^ @elbanditoroso Women can be just as handy as men….

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We don’t need vibrators.

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@Dutchess_III Where you wrote “we”, should that be “I”?

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Thought so.
That is, I thought not all people would agree.

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Perhaps @Dutchess_III was including her husband, when she said “we”. ;-)

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I hate to be that guy, a lot of what is being listed are actually electro-mechanical. I’m going with the internal combustion engine.

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I like the classic Boston pencil sharpener my parents gave me when I went to high school. It has a suction cup on the bottom that is strong enough to pull out car dents.
The grinder is still sharp. I clean it out about once every 2 years with a toothpick and my air compressor. .
That thing will easily last another 50 years!

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