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Do you enjoy dreaming?

Asked by flutherother (31745points) 2 weeks ago

I’ve been dreaming a lot recently about quite mundane things for example looking at flats or being back at work. One dream was of walking through an art gallery and seeing three tall canvases though I only remember the one on the right which was of black and red birds like peacocks roosting in the black branches of a tree.

None of these dreams is unpleasant, and I have begun to look forward to falling asleep at night so I can dream.

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I do. My dreams are very cinematic and since I am a very light sleeper, I often wake up in the night remembering them. Sometimes they are working out an emotional issue I have and often just a mishmash of various elements of my days. The one problem is that I often wake up tired from living so much at night!

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I almost always love dreaming. I’ve been paying attention to them all my life, started writing some of them down about 18, and for years now have been doing some intentional dreaming practices.

I particularly like dreams about interesting places and people, which my dreaming can generate in great detail and in ways that my waking imagination doesn’t do. They sometimes inspire my waking creative work.

They’re also useful for getting a handle on what’s going on for me in terms of issues, emotions, longings, relationships, and intuitive insights.

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Not really. I rarely am aware I am dreaming. I experiencing it more as I get older. Maybe because I am accustomed to not dreaming I prefer it that way.

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I love dreaming and love my dreams. I dream in technicolor every night.

They are vivid and full of energy and wonder. Every night when I go to bed, I look forward to what the morning will bring.

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Not really.
Dreaming is cool, but I remember my dreams, to the point I sometimes confuse them with reality.

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Not really. Most of my dreams that I remember are pretty mundane and goofy, like dreaming that I am coming home from work excited about a football game I want to watch, then getting called right back in to work again. Or finding a dent of unknown origin in my car, then waking up and realizing it was only a dream. I’d as soon have a quiet, dreamless night. But it is what it is I guess.

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I think of our ability to dream as a gift.

Our lives are pretty short in the larger scheme of things. A blip. Yet our dreams are infinite. You can experience a lifetime in a five minute nap.

Conversations with dead loved ones. Or those that have left our lives for other reasons.

Laws of physics and reason do not apply. The only limitation is our imagination.

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When my dreams involve pretty girls, yes.

If you want to remember your dreams, eat a dill pickle before you go to bed.

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Not usually. There are almost always anxious moments in my dreams.

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I enjoy dreaming. Sometimes it is fun to try and figure out where the elements originated.
I’ve noticed that my dreams will be particularly vivid if I eat cheese before bed. I now try to avoid eating at least 2 hours before getting under the covers.

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@raum Thank you for that article! I will definitely experiment.
I see that 20 grams of cheese 30 minutes before bed is a good place to start.
I can’t wait to see what Brie will do – besides adding 120 calories!

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@LuckyGuy I am picturing you precisely measuring out 20.0 grams. :P

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I have a NIST traceable Mettler lab scale with a resolution to 0.01 grams. (Really!)
In my house there is never any question about whose piece of pie is bigger. :-)

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I love that you have one in your house! :D

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Yes. I dream the whole day

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